Comments for “Rise of Skywalker” Actress Naomi Ackie Thinks Jannah Should Get a “Star Wars” Spinoff!

jannah spinoff header

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Harley

    I would watch esp to see if she and finn are related and both landaus kids that be cool beans!

  2. Em

    I would absolutely watch to see the THIS universe expansion. BIG YES!

  3. Err

    I’m sorry who?

  4. Scott A Williamson

    Starwars has run it’s course

  5. I’d be TOTES for it! I think, especially with that open-ended scene between Lando and Jannah along with Carson’s additions about Lando’s own feelings and reasons for his self exile ti Pasana, then the movie scene extended by Carson that he felt compelled to try to reunite any ex First Order troopers like Jannah with their families, I think it would be a perfect premise for a spinoff series on the small screen. And while I really liked Jannah’s character and want to see more, I can NEVER get enough of ol’ Smoothie Billy Dee reprising the role I think he was born for.

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