Comments for Orange County Mayor Wants Disney Parks to Join His Business Reopening Plan

Mayor Wants Disney Parks to Join Reopening Plan


  1. Xantra

    I’m am so excited for this! If they can get a plan together it will be awesome.

  2. Xantra

    I’m am so excited!!

  3. Elizabeth

    Excited, but have to be smart and cautious. Wouldn’t want to reopen to early to just be closed for outbreak. People from all over the place visit. Safety has to come first

  4. Rebel Porg

    Level one opening is only small businesses, schools and no social distancing! Just bc disney is on a task force doesnt mean parks will reopen! Cms are being told NO! You can not reopen wo them!

    1. Sandy

      Our economy will suffer if not opening soon. Disney is a big part of that. If the governor had shut things down earlier, Florida would be alot better off now. That will cause things to open later. Thanks alot, Gov.

      1. Mark

        Many of us in fl already had before it was named and we all did what was told wo barely a complain i think we could suck it up buttercup for alittle while longer! Btw but your not in charge nor is disney the gov is so please have patience and stand by….

  5. Sandy

    I am excited for Disney to be open again…already had to cancel one trip. Let’s make sure everything is safe and then open with caution.

  6. Harley

    Just bc they are helping out doesnt mean this will be a process social distancing needs to be limited or elimated before theme parks reopen but i dont doubt we will start to see things reopen slowly! They are there to help out w the economy challenge not say the parks are reopening tomm… my friends a cm he said even if they did us going in is last for what has to be done along w cms going back to wrk!

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