Comments for Live-Action “Mulan 2” Reportedly In Development at Walt Disney Studios!

live-action mulan sequel

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    But mulan hasnt come out yet?!?

  2. Darth Predictor

    Mulan II: The Search For Mushu

    Mulan II: Mo’ Mulan, Mo’ Moola

    Mulan II: Surprise, She’s Gay!

    1. Harley

      You apparently didnt see mulan 2 ??? Btw mushu tail will always be on fire to me!

  3. Anonymous

    1: She definitely needs to have a love story with Chen Honghui
    2: find Mushu
    3:maybe a few songs
    4: focus mainly on her career and love story!

  4. Ann E Doran

    Yes a story about she doesn’t lose herself yet does have love story with the other soldier (can’t remember his name) I loved the new mailman it was awesome. Can’t wait to see Mulan II.

  5. Peg Taylor

    In Mulan 2 please have her join the Highly decorated Emperor’s Army. That’s how it should be, because she saved the Dynasty, and then go from there. She deserves the honor!!

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