Listen to the Unused Songs from Guardians of the Galaxy – Curated By James Gunn

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While we polish our dance fight skills and chomp our Zarg Nuts, James Gunn’s third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy series lies yet unfinished. We’re not expecting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to be released until 2022 or beyond, but that’s not dimming our love for Star-Lord or the rest of the Guardians. James Gunn’s recent tweets about his motley crew recently revealed that the “AWESOME MIX” volumes debuting in the films were a bit incomplete, with many, many song entries having been cut from the lists. We’re out to listen to the unused songs from Guardians of the Galaxy on Spotify while we move and groove!

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The Unused Songs from Guardians of the Galaxy

If you love Meredith Quill’s last gifts to her son, you’ll love the news James Gunn had for us, too. Our ears are in for a treat with an expanded list of options for a dance battle. Pop in your modern earbuds or vintage spongey headphones for a groovin’ time ahead! James Gunn has cooked up a Spotify playlist of over 60 classic songs that Mrs. Quill loved and wasn’t shared in either of the first two movies.

Is this just a preview of AWESOME MIX Vol 3? We’re sure hoping so. James Gunn isn’t guaranteeing anything, so start brushing up on your lyrics and air guitar moves. You may be called to use them in the next film.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Inspired Playlist on Spoitfy
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In James Gunn’s personally curated mixtape, you’ll find gems from Hall & Oates, Three Dog Night, David Bowie and Barry White. Elton John and Sweet. It’s just short of four hours for you to enjoy right from your listening device. Simply visit this link on Spotify or search for “Meredith Quill’s Complete Awesome Mix!” Mama certainly had some groovy style which she passed right along to Peter, and we’re thankful for it!  If you’re up for music on the go, this is the perfect jam session for piloting the Milano around the block or working on your slow-and-still skills until you are completely invisible.

james gunn spotify playlist for unused songs from guardians of the galaxy
Credit: Spotify

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What’s your favorite song from the Awesome Mix volumes? Leave us a comment below!

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