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Josh D'Amaro Florida Economy Task Force


  1. Jamie

    Just another article that will start rants and riots instead of positivity! Disney isnt reopening their cms are furlough! Social distancing is still a thing! My kids are home and i can not go to church the mall or anywhere else and those will be first! Just sit tight the magic will be back soon!

    1. Carolyn RN

      Jamie you got that right !

  2. Debra

    This is the last place that should open! They are a rip off to residents of Florida with their so called special rates, At least now they should put people first before their BANK ACCOUNTS.

  3. Linda

    Think that Disney needs to be open and make a public decision on or if they are going to open. People have a lot of money tie into a Disney vacation with Hotel, Condo’s and other places they need to work out a plan on rescheduling or getting money back.
    Waiting to the last minute is just putting more stress on people that we don’t need at this time!!!

    Disney make a decision!!!

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