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  1. Carole

    Love you Johnny..see all your films, know how kind you are in person, granddaughter personal experience doing your makeup for T V award show.many years ago..she perished in an auto crash always appreciated your kindness towards her

  2. Darth Fashionable

    First… why am I not surprised that he lives in a REAL castle?

    Second… I will brighten somebody’s day by telling them go check out the new Johnny Depp social media extravaganza where he tells people who brighten other people’s day.

    Thirdly… Now that he’s older, they should bring in a newer cast that they can shift to (like they did in Star Wars with the new cast) and Depp should cameo as the new Keeper of the Code (Sparrow’s dad’s job) in the new pirate’s movie.

    1. Rhonda Shelly

      Johnny never gets older he gets younger every year! He is young at heart so he will never look or act old. I love you Johnny Depp♥️♥️♥️

    2. Ulla Rasmussen

      It’s actually not a castle. It is a very small village Depp bought after all the people had moved away. He has restored the buildings, and the room he was in is a sort of wine cellar where people can also sit down and talk.

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