Comments for CA Guidelines Could Keep Disney and Universal Parks From Reopening for Months

governor newsom guidelines disney and universal reopening


  1. Janie

    As it should be do we really honestly we could say we would abide by guidelines and this is BS but do you really want to deal w social distancing and masks and the like or would rather just go on vacation as you normally would enjoying life away from it all BC YOUR ON VACATION AND THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE! Besides there was no way in hell Disney or Uni were going ahead of things like schools dr offices (bc some that are still dr offices just not essential to this cause were closed) other businesses that in a level 1 bracket aka truly essential! I also only knew this bc i have someone in the military and she said this is nowhere near over! Also i am over the whole school at home bit i do not know how homeschoolers do it nor teachers in gen they deserve as much love as health care workers…. But i can not go back to work as a cm wo my kids having school see how levels make sense! Though whatever the plan is they settle on lets show love and respect towards each other! Remember some people have allergies and breathing issues you can not catch and should not be stared at nor should those whom do not wear masks it is voluntary and its there choice! Spread kindness we are all needing it right now!

    1. Rebel Ravenclaw

      Exactly spread kindness everything should be voluntary as it is as law we should not be forces to wear masks theme parks have no right to block laws! They are a public company traded on stock market public company in public domain THEY MUST ABIDE BY LAWS! Weather you like the president or not iger i am looking at you doesnt make you president! If your state is asking you to do things in order thats how it must go and i think cali is doing the right thing discussing but still wait for word of ok to start like we all are bc we do not want to be stared at like Georgia! Whom btw just got cases added to their #! At least your governor was nice about level 3 months down the road (probably waiting for social distancing to be limited to allow more freedoms for visitors which is very kind… kindness goes along way like you said!) As apose to our govenor in ny that went level 1 essential level 2 i forgot what they called it but he called level 3 arts muse etc and theatres tourist traps!!! I was like not only as a theater person but a lover of the arts i was kinda insulted by that! But i agree with all this! Yes laws might be different depending on it all but do not expect dl and wdw to open separately! We have to be patient!

  2. Mmluv

    I wish the governor of my state had a backbone and some sense like Gov Newsom.

  3. Mark

    Its not just cali FL set similar guidelines today!

  4. Mike

    Why do half of the posts written here read as if written by ignorant morons? Wearing a mask shouldn’t be “a choice” when a deadly PANDEMIC is going on. NOBODY has the right to put others lives at risk. WEARING A MASK for now, should be, and is in many places MANDATORY.

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