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florida governor disney world reopening

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  1. Harley

    Once again no new info just more fluff! But thanks for trying itm! Keep working hard feel bad you just repeat same stuff but when we are all stuck not much more! Thanks again for staying with it and sorry for the negative comment this might result in!

  2. Mark

    Disney is ahead of the curve bc its closed that doesnt mean its ready to open by miles…
    1) it needs rides to boot back up
    2) cms
    3) big business = wants your money nothing more = waiting for lack of or lowered social distancing

  3. Jackie

    Another repeat story itm will you do your job for once!?

  4. Rebel Orange Bird

    I heard BB and lagoon were the test subjects bc w a limit on time entry they could limit the amount of people… better than trying to reopen a park and get your head bit off by unhappy guests!

  5. Darth Doctor

    I’m so glad to see our governor using science and facts to make sound determinations of companies he doesn’t run.

    1. Harley

      The issue is hes still in charge while the companies arent they have to listen to him…. besides theres no way in hell they open wo social distancing dropped or after major okays are aloud like school real job outlets religious gatherings are aloud first or theres going to be a riot! Look at the states that tried to reopen wo any of that and the trouble its causing! Actually its causing trouble wo it! Its like a light switch you can not open something major like this without other things happening first! We want to be free but all freedom comes w cost and patience! And take it from me i have a psych degree this is only going to make mental health worse too!

    2. Rebel Orange Bird

      I could use a dr after all this ?

      1. Rahat Mahmud

        Reopening disney is not only that people will start to enjoy their vacation.the fact is thousands of people will start to work again millions of dollars will roll into the. Us.economy
        Success of our nation will start again .

      2. Melanie Durham

        I wouldn’t use that one because she can’t freaking spell

      3. Mark

        Rahat they can not go back to wrk if they do not have a job to go too! Mel we do not need masters in ELA to comment on board many of us have lives you just care to use yours to come here to comment rudely! Besides if you actually were paying attn at all darth and rebel R having a flirting party N shes been asking him out to no avail but you would never notice that bc you just care to rehearse your ela injustice!

      4. Rebel Porg

        Melanie you do not need an ELA degree to get one in psych it makes me wonder if you ever went to school or just the piss and moan club!? Just bc she doesnt have the best english harley makes some great pts more than you ever made here! Actually all i ever seen you do is complain about others comments and ela skills not about anything else or the comment itself! Just they can not speak in eng… its a comment on a disney site not rocket science!

  6. Jackie

    Yeah except i didnt read where that disney bomb cleaned their parks yet so there might be more than corona linger at them parks! Lets be a good major corp and clean up first, then run the rides make sure they work, rehire cms, and then get to us!

  7. Michele M Rose

    Florida’s governor is not to be trusted. He was late to act and now he really thinks we’re going to load up the kids and head on over to a Covid19 peteie dish anytime soon? No cure, no vaccine, no visiting Florida.

    1. Janie

      You actually think there will be a vaccine there wasnt before when other incidences we got over happen… what makes you think there will be one now!?

  8. Lisa

    Our governor doesn’t want to consider or allow timing for proper testing all he cares about is reopening. What if it’s done, then another outbreak that takes longer for Florida the next time.

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