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Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    You all know masks arent saving you from anything ask all the drs and nurses whom got sick helping others! Wow and i thought the govenor was smart! Besides you can not open tourist traps wo opening vital things needed for real world!!!! Enjoy being sued!

  2. Janie

    With the cms like me all furloughed till further notice actually i was told by the time they reopen we might all have to be fired then rehired yeah try again! What about working on the important things! I will not be able to wrk w my kids at home and not at school…. what about other vital jobs ie. my friend is an orthodontist fixing braces in parking lots!!!!! What about hurricane season and things that might effect life as we know it in FL??!! That worry Floridians more than corona!!! How about many of us whom just want to see family and can not!! How about waiting for #s to come down so tourists dont make us all sick again!!! Do not even let me go and say if you open theme parks before religious services what hell you will bring on!! Have you heard about the lawsuit nyc is facing from the jewish people there!!?? Besides my friend in the military said level one is vital businesses minor drops to social distancing…. disney is not that!

  3. Jackie

    Yeah except i didnt read where that disney bomb cleaned their parks yet so there might be more than corona linger at them parks (i know a good few ent people that tmi opened my eyes thats def worse than corona)! Lets be a good major corp and clean up first, then run the rides make sure they work, rehire cms, and then get to us!

  4. Harley

    Question have any of these people worn a mask yet???
    Second try staying 6 ft apart from another person wearing a mask with hundreds of other people around and then ask a question to them like “where is the haunted mansion?”
    Yea i didn’t think so! NEXT!

    1. Jackie

      Exactly i only seen people of health experts wearing mask everyone else government or president not wearing squat which leads me to believe wearing masks is just the new crazy accessory in this fever dream disney wants to open so they could make money off this just watch get your disney mask for $40!

  5. Linda

    Nothing is more important to this governor than money and staying in trumps good graces. How do you take children anywhere and have them wear masks? Masks don’t do enough to stop the spread. Our governor should start listening to the scientists and not big business

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Not to mention in our Floridian heat that only gets worse in the summer masks being a thing will go out window fast! Like thinking accurate temp taking will happen in it too!

  6. Anita

    To soon to open these parks—- will be no social distancing. No one has mentioned the stay at home order. I feel they are jumping over important steps to reopen. My main concern is the high risk people. One step at a time in proper order. Baby steps.

  7. Richard

    If we don’t keep our society healthy, economy won’t be needed. A work place with a proper pay check is far more important than entertainment. Maybe this is the proper time to bring people back together. Where the main meeting places was school, church, the local diner or at each other’s home. Neighbors were neighborly and socialization was within the community not traveling to distant places. The last thing that is needed right now is to rush….and that’s what everyone wants. The leader’s are going to have to get solid backbones and put safety and health back on the priority list. Rush into decisions and pay the price later….or slow down, think, be wise, and is listen to reality and make the right choice. Think….we have only been completely in this situation for approximately 3-4 months. Another few months is nothing to loosing life’s because of rushing just because of the ecomony. Maybe this will help teach society to think ahead and plan and to live within there means. Let hope and pray that what has taken place with wake up the United States of America.

  8. Kevin H Jones

    Y’all can be scared if you want. I want to see Mickey. Wash your hands before you touch your face, and vampire cough. It is how I manage to skirt the flu every year without a shot. Folks need to get outside in the fresh air. Who gets it most? Shut ins and medical professionals. That ought to tell you something about social distancing and the effectiveness of masks, gloves, and sterile technique.

    1. Mark

      Its not just that its the fact the govenor will be in hell if he opens theme parks before the important stuff or allowing people to see family even! Second you can not run a theme park wo cast disney and uni furloughed yes others didnt! Third disney wasnt built in a day can not open in it either! But your right my kids dr said theres 10k other airborne illnesses and none have vaccines except for flu and people still get sick and die no one panicked before > i will give you that at least!

      1. Susan

        My personal thought is first we all need to be calm. Lift the stay at home order and remove social distancing. Open up all medical facilities first. Then religious institutions and small businesses including restaurants, movie theaters, nails sons, Barbara shops, etc. Next get the courts going again. Next would be small entertainment places such as Fun Stop. Big entertainment, such as Disney and sports, should be last. And no mandatory masks; that is a personal choice.

  9. Spencer

    If you get the small businesses to open up first this will help the economy right away. Does the big corporations need the money desperately no. The small businessman needs to be open to help the community start up again

  10. Diana Lynn Davis

    Huge huge mistake. How can people be so ignorant!,,,

  11. Elijah

    See everyone in 2021 , I’ll take my chances staying home with my family.

  12. Charla

    You can’t hide forever. Stop listening to the dooms day crowd and media. If you think he’s only opening theme parks then you’re being short sighted.

  13. Rebel Porg

    Theres more to FL and life then tourist trap orlando!

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