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Disney World Orlando


  1. Laurie

    Yay!!! Open up! Open up!

  2. Eric

    You mention Phase I being 50% capacity. What does that look like?
    Does that mean season pass holders only, FL residence only, both, etc??

  3. Jackie

    Nothing new lets move on the other thing task force doesnt realize how much goes into opening these parks it isnt just an overnight thing! Just at disney you got 4 parks each with different operation guidelines second you need to get cast back in stages and right now thats going to happen at separate times in 5-6 stages we are last!!!! Thats no summer thats not may thats way far away why is there a rush if we rush then and do what they want they get sued! No person in their right mind is going to get temp taken nor will it be accurate in fl heat they can not honestly think it will be…. many people including myself nature have a low grade fever are you going to turn us away for thats whom i am thats there arent enough words i had cancer due to my meds my fever is never regulated… others have said prior on comments low grade fevers are normal temps for them or their kid! Or i do not feel like wearing a mask bc it doesn’t do anything and try getting anyone to line 6 ft away will be a joke! They did not do it in grocery stores down here! Lets just keep calm sorry but theme parks arent essential seeing these things reopen before schools small businesses and life getting back to normal hey task force enjoy being sued from the first person whom gets sick…. or better yet good luck to disney w that too in this sue happy world!
    Why is everyone in such a rush! I want normal too but i am in no need to go to a theme park i rather see friends and go to church my neighbor whose a cm can not go back to wrk unless the children are back in school! Lets be realistic and think for a moment honestly. You think people were born yesterday!

    1. Janie

      Sometimes with way people comment like the parks are going open bc they want it too for reason no one knows wo cms or anything cleaned or laws still in place! Just bc disney is helping the govenor doesnt mean hes opening disney! Hes not dumb nor is disney if you think that then i agree w jackie you were born yesterday besides my friend is military hate to break it to ya we are far from over! Enjoy your life at least you still have it!

    2. Janie

      Sometimes with way people comment like the parks are going open bc they want it too for reason no one knows wo cms or anything cleaned or laws still in place! Just bc disney is helping the govenor doesnt mean hes opening disney! Hes intelligent and so are people whom are in charge at disney if you think that then i agree w jackie you were born yesterday besides my friend is military hate to break it to ya we are far from over! Enjoy your life at least you still have it!

  4. Harley

    They said it would be APs only at first which is fine we are always the test dummies and thats fine too bc we are a limited number it could be a test to see if it works if it does good more guests if it doesn’t wait till its okay to just open it back up w nothing to worry about bc by then it will be back to normal w this time a distant memory! While i heard jan i also heard testing at water parks first before park parks which is smart its a limit time to begin w and they already limit the amount of guests also chlorine kills germs…. its a great test or even springs… i doubt the parks will manage w limits! They could try but watch the lines at guest relations go all the way to the buses bc people werent let in! Or the lawsuits!
    Besides i doubt disney gets the whole picture and i know dvc isnt the whole picture but every dvc resort rooms are taken from soon till next yr! I barely got march next yr for my kids bday! But those people also do not get theres a long process to open things back up or i assume you not want rides going down left and right again watch the lines form at guest relations! I am also not going anywhere unless i know its clean powerwashing floors at Toy story land doesnt not make a clean theme park(s)! Btw task force still has to get govenor approval and i hate to be in the office if he says yes to disney or uni before vital things!

  5. Jamie

    I read somewhere on the comments someone mentioned a waiver and i rather that happen and go about my merry way vacation is about enjoying myself and i should not have to worry i can not go in and above that i was there prior to this nightmare and everyone was having fun no one even batted and thats the way it should return bc YOUR ON VACA AND AWAY FROM REALITY NOT HAVE IT SHOVED IN OUR THROATS! I rather take my chances getting sick which btw i get a cold almost every time i go it doesnt bother me bc its a cold theres nothing one could do! Theres no vaxx its part REALITY! What happen to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Lets grow and pair and move on with EVERYTHING not just silly theme park! Btw i travel for my job obviously thats not happening! Enlighten me task force enlighten bc for some odd reason you in charge of my life!

  6. Paltidas

    Listen, as far as I am concerned-if they reopen and are allowed to reopen then those who choose to go should definitely sign a waiver releasing Disney of all responsibility if they get sick. Because again, it was your choice knowing the risks. If you’re willing to risk getting sick that should be on you and you only. I personally will be at Disney the same week it opens, annual pass holder speaking here who lives 2 hours away. My family and I will adhere to whatever rules they set in place, yeah there are people who out there who for some reason can’t follow simple directions like walking in one direction in a grocery store, but it would be on Disney to properly dish out the properly enforce the rules! Do not leave it up to the guests to scold other guests who aren’t following the rules because all hell will break loose. The workers and the entire economy surrounding tourism in Florida is crushed until the parks reopen. It would definitely alleviate a lot of burden on the unemployment system if these employees could return to work. Yes, I’m sure it will take some hard work and long nights to get the parks up and running again, but I’m sure the employees wouldn’t have it any other way. I would rather work and work while getting paid to reopen the parks instead of sitting at home and waiting for the unemployment website to come back up just to attempt to apply again for the 100th time. At least they would know for certain “hey I’ll be getting a check in two weeks” Instead of “will my unemployment application finally go through? How long will it take for me to get the money? How will I eat? How will I feed my children”. So as much as you want to think about your own well being in this-thing of the bigger picture. We need to get this country up and running again. And Florida desperately needs our tourism back up and running!

    1. Harley

      I rather sign a wavier they have to go to the dr for my kids low grade fever thats normal and his allergies that may or may not get bad while there and so he doesnt get stared at… its bad enough hes got sp needs! I rather that happen then play by disney rules that are breaking the law! Bc masks are voluntary everywhere you can not force people to wear em! Talk about sue happy! I wouldnt but others might just like limits! I went prior to the close and it was fine everyone was enjoy vacation as they should and we will in due time!

  7. Josiah Donaldson

    In my opinion Mayor Deming needs to be sat on. What is this country coming to when Mayors are all of the sudden king of the world. I also think phase 1 begins in May with only Florida residents. Phase 2 begins in June with resort guests only.

    1. Mark

      Actually its residents then APs no hotel guests for a long time the hotels are not ready! Also the mayor doesnt get disney wasnt built in a day and there are 4 parks plus 2 water parks even if hotels come later those all arent going to be ready by June wo cms getting in there in may and their furloughed till TBD! If it was anywhere close someone would start making calls and everything is at a stand still… the govenor and mayor know how to run things politically i highly doubt they know what big business works! Btw imagine if they aloud this ahead of essential workers and teachers and really needs vs wants OMG THEY WILL BE IN SUCH TROUBLE!

    2. Carrie Mclester

      They’re not opening in May. Resort guests mean alot to the business too.

  8. Thomas

    Disney is essential on so many levels. It’s not JUST a theme park but a way of life to Central Florida. So many people depend on it for their livelihood. Even if they don’t work for Disney they may depend on it for the tourists they bring to town…or maybe they just enjoy visiting the property. Either way our theme parks need to open! And news flash for all of you who don’t want to go in June or July or even until they find a vaccine…don’t go. It’s completely voluntary!

    1. Jamie

      Your going to honestly tell me disney is essential vs like dr offices that arent open schools small buinesses everyone working from home not in an office…… i travel for work are you really seriously going to tell me disney matters more than me!? Or anyone else whose truly essential!? Like my mom whose a school teacher! Wow are you loosing it!

  9. It’s really ruined our vacation the second week in June. It’s about the only time we can go because our daughter took her vacation at this time. My grandkids are very upset.

    1. Mike

      I feel your pain. That would be horrible. We’re booked for October, but if there are a bunch of restrictions or if we’re expected to wear a stupid mask, we’ll be canceling.

  10. Rebel Ravenclaw

    Hmmmm last i checked theres still a hold on gatherings over 10 people how is anything happening… once this starts its fine! Disney doesnt have the right to go against LAWS!

    1. Dr with hope

      Besides if they open too soon we look as ridiculous as Georgia and fl/cali whom both had a large amount of cases less curve or not is still not out of it! We just have to stop being crazy and have common sense! Yes #s are down there higher survivor rates might just be flu but the end is still anyone guess! But why would you take a chances on a crapshoot!? Btw masks do not do anything for you so making em mandatory is insane! Esp if you didnt even do that state wide or the country didnt do it wide whats the pt!

      1. Walt disney


      2. Rebel Ravenclaw

        Darth fill in the blank is that you hiding under walts great name it sounds like your sarcasm… BTW even he wouldnt sweep things under… he actually might be more w the people whom say close compmetely half those parks arent anything he imagine! He also cared more about his trains and his family… but bc of that would follow rules and not think he was above it like iger!

  11. Eva Biediger

    It sure did! I was to be leaving for Orlando tomorrow so I could spend my birthday on Thursday at Magic Kingdom and with my daughter who was a castmember through the DCP. Now, of course, she has been sent home and the parks are all closed. What a big bummer birthday! Happy my daughters are both safe and well, though!

  12. Jamie

    Just bc you might not like the president no company is above the laws or above em and they need to follow them! But i do appreciate their patience and help within the task force we could all use some! This isnt about vacation these laws are here to protect us its about peoples lives and doing whats best! I want to get out i travel i have to for wrk or i be unemployed but i am not about to get arrested for leaving my house nor going against the laws!

  13. Charles

    As I watch you all go back and forth about do they open or close….my family is booked for the second week in July….coming from Texas…i have been all over the place do we go or not…ultimately if we go will it be fun…if we don’t will Disney do us right?…the way I see it ..we have allowed the doctors to dictate policy…we never got worried about H1N1…the swine flu…ebola etc…we kept on living….in fact as kids we played in the dirt swam in ponds etc and maybe got sick but hot well too…if we follow medical advice we should never go out…of our house…even if there is a vaccine…will it be 100%…probably not….so if I may….i love our medical professionals….really do….but the sky is not falling….the virus of all viruses maybe….but if we do not return to our lives and soon…we are going to be nothing more than a chapter in a history book….i say open up…no waiver…if you go…you go at your own risk just like any other non virus time…oh…but wait…you go to disney…get the flu…do you sue?…really…sorry for my rant…but life has yo go on….let’s roll…..

    1. Jackie

      No your right thank you for your kindness and honestly! I have come back from cancer 3x my parents are both in WC we just want to live our best life! But yes we want to be safe… but then again we all kept living after all the things you bring up bc eventually it all moves on and maybe thats what disney is waiting for that no one gets the right time do you think they want to put restrictions on anyone!? No they are big buiness and want to reopen like normal! Also swine flu ebola and had epidemic like #s in deaths that we just lived through and guess what no vaccine came no panic! I still feel bad though and you have to for those that get sick or God forbid die but thats part of life we all get sick and we are all going to die! Heck I get a cold after i come home from the parks and i bet others do too! Its just life! We cant be scared but we need to still follow rules its the way it is! We will all be in the magic again at least fl is going to reopen to a pt i wont have to worry i cant go out wo fear of being arrested!

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