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Florida Re-Opening Task Force Update


  1. Let me know when is reopening of Disney parks reopen dates.

  2. Mark

    In anyone right mind it wouldnt be right to open up wants vs needs! Also theme parks werent built in a day they will not open in a day! I heard January 2021!

  3. Rebel Porg

    Theres more to FL then tourist trap orlando! I like to get back to my life my job my church etc before theme parks! Its so unrealistic to value a theme park over real life!

  4. CM anno

    I saw on the news disney is thinking APs only from Aug to Jan 2021 and then reopening completely by 2021! My manager confirmed it!

    1. Mark

      What i heard from my manager friends too though they can not call themselves that in furlough as they no longer have titles till reopen! But they said BB and Lagoon maybe springs might be first bc you can limit people there test the waters…. next step would be parks after AP only maybe DVC then everyone by next yr bc social distancing will be a memory back to normal…. but remember thats when guests could come in they are on the bottom of the offical list employees whom are vital arent anywhere at the top so this is going to take time! Also they haven’t cleaned the parks yet as far as anyone knows so thats another step and they all add up! Good luck and stay strong cm anno hoping for the best for all cms!

  5. Janie

    Its like i tell me kids needs vs wants! We need them to get back to school adults to work go to church be social wo worry wayyyyy before want of wdw and like!

  6. DisneyFan86

    Everything is going to open in phases. I believe it’s going to be some resorts, some restaurants first, Disney springs and then parks after. And maybe not even all the parks. Maybe one at a time.

    Also What some of you fail to understand is WDW IS jobs for thousands. Don’t you think those CMs want to go back to their lives? You know, work and make a living for their family as well?!

    1. Janie

      Yes but they arent the onlu jobs in FL or that are needed! And my kid needs to go back to school before i can go back to work

    2. Jamie

      I travel for work want to discuss things that are unfair now? Didnt think so at least they have a job in the end if we dont open i loose mine!

      1. Janet Winslow

        Many states thrive on tourism at a certain level. Here in Michigan landscaping greenhouses builders painters etc are not working and considered non essential. We have beautiful lakes and rivers with many resorts restaurants gift shops etc depending on income. With such a small window of warm temperatures here we are all going to continue hurting. Many states have the same issue with tourists and seasonal businesses

      2. Rebel Porg

        But there is more to life than wants of a tourist! No state really relies on tourism! We have lives we all need to get back to going on vacation is something thats not important our lives are! I live in NY and our govenor litterally came out and said Broadway was last bc they weren’t ever going to be important and yet if tourism was he wouldnt have said that now would he…. he knows lives are at stake and reality is too!

  7. Rebel Ravenclaw

    the drs from Cali my state along w our govenor gave some vital info that they are testing to see if somehow this is connected to the flu cases we had earlier in the yr that killed 30k in the state (these folks had flu shots) there was a strain that didnt look like flu A w it so wondering how long its been in cali and if its all connect to corona bc if it is they could just add a booster to the flu shot and done deal! We can move on w our lives! But you know whom doesnt want to listen he just wants to make mistakes and tell people to drink lysol or whatever the next thing was…. why is he in charge? There are smarter republicans i know it! Oh i heard NY is testing for immunity in donated plasma all this together will be great news for everyone!

  8. Cindy Caine

    Besides fl gets extremely hot with rain masks are just na in my thoughts! Not a soul whose talking about wearing them lives in fl its not realistic! Only old people down here are wearing em and they wear em bc it would look wrong so old lady throw it off so quickly the other day you thought it was her bra…
    Also try having a conversation w someone else wearing one its not worth the effort… esp the tourists will be lost at the parks wo asking a cm where is A or B wo too much of their time being taken up by lack of translate through mask…. Then the park gets sued! They will regardless if they open too soon we are still in lockdown not going anywhere not allowing anyone in! Also here in fl we are all worrying about hurricane season sounding like its going to be worse then normal! Try reopening in that! Forget we are lockdown but need to evac lol what a joke!

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