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  1. Harley

    Gradual and carefully…. meaning vital and needed first NOT WANTS! Some of us just want to not be lockdown but i doubt we will be let out that far! As my son says its a process and i believe this will be too as i keep reading many have said disney wasnt built in a day so it can not come back up in it either no matter how much we want it too! Patience is truly a virtue and life is more important and its time to hold onto your precious gift tighter than before but not be illogical about it either if your going to theres your bubble please stay in it… the rest of us will wait to let freedom ring!

  2. Janie

    I am sorry i want my kid to go back to school not go to disney right now i want to see friends and not just via zoom! I can not go to wrk wo my kid going back to school that be an interesting cm moment and bc of security things that have changed their not aloud to wander parents on their own then i get reprimanded!

  3. Steve

    Let’s get those antibody tests moving so we can find out how many people actually already had and recovered from this virus without even knowing it so that if this comes back, we know not to shut down an entire country for an illness that has the same mortality rate of the seasonal flu, which, by the way, has a vaccine that is only 20-40% effective in any given year.

    1. Janie

      Cali and nyc is doing research to see if it is related to the flu bc the flu death #s are on the rise and they had deaths from earlier before this start and they said it was a mutated flu strain so they wonder if its all related bc if it is then thats a booster to the shot and will put some people at ease to go back to normal…
      My dr joked w me shes glad people are no getting more well aware of the 10k airborne illnesses that could get you sick has no vaccine and you might die from but that doesnt mean theres a treatment for them to give to the poor sap whose now hypochondriac over it all! Lol! Also she said you still got more a chance of dying from a heart attack or cancer which are both silent killers and still both the top things that can still kill a person! As well as allergies will still be the #1 non viral airborne ailment that can effect anyone and get them very sick!

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