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  1. Jason K

    I’m looking forward towards the future.?

    1. Harley

      Me too i am just looking foward to living bc this isnt it! I know its safety but something has to give to normal whatever it is!

      1. If they reopen too soon, you’ll have to rename it the tragic kingdom. The blood will be on Mickey’s hands. Don’t be goofy, and rush things.

        1. Andy

          What’s the exact date they should open then?

          You don’t know? Neither do they. It’s all a best guess.

          As long as they’re responsive and able/willing to close back down at a moments notice; I’m fine with whenever they open if they feel the numbers have dropped.

  2. Val

    As soon as Disneyland is opened I will be there.

    1. SJ

      Get a life

      1. Aly

        Snarky comments are totally unnecessary! ?

        1. Douglas Vitrano

          Yes exactly. Like thumper says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

    2. Mark

      Wdw will open way before dl cali is waiting for a vaccine good luck w being inside for a few more yrs by that time the rest of the world will be way back to normal and this would all be just something else to catch w the rest of the hundred airborne ailments!

      1. Geoff

        Except this one kills you

      2. Mark

        Geoff so does the flu or have you been under a rock for the past w yrs alone the flu deaths reach same #of people w corona! Deaths! Btw my parents died from the common cold! My best friend almost died from when she first found out she had TB bc they didnt think her immune system would fight it so please do not tell me theres not other things that could kill you! Do you know survivor rates are almost at 500k people so apparently not everyone dies from this either! Something is going to kill you eventually like harley above says life death getting sick its what happens its natural! Also alot of people i spoke w here w in fl know they had it before it was named yes its horrible but i wouldnt stay in a bubble for the rest of my life either…. life moves on and we will from this! But if you want to live in a bubble thats fine then dont go to wdw! Plenty of others will!

      3. Rebel Porg

        To quote my favorite movie: beginning end its all the same!

  3. jay cee

    You should know that WDW has cancelled all internships and College Programs that were scheduled to start in June. No Cast Members – No park opening. Also… Florida was one of the very last states to social distance (or show any self-control, self-respect, or concern for any human life in general) so surge of infection/death will possible be in May sometime. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney and can’t wait to go back, but please stop making people think it’s gonna happen anytime soon.

    1. Jackie

      You know cps would have been done in june weather they let them go or not they are not tech cms! Sorry to break it to them they had no job security! But if they get hired out right by wdw which they said they could and would hire them back different story… there are alot more cms then cps to go on i love them but the parks can open wo em plenty of cms are waiting to go back to wrk waiting like the rest of us for something to do!

      1. rich

        They’re not going to probably need those employee if they open up. There will most likely be low attendance and no need for them.

      2. Janie

        Rich you apparently arent looking at any disney sites just dvc alone shows all rooms taken from july/aug till next jan! The only free dates are like dart throwing! I only know bc i am trying to reschedule i got next yr at least woohoo!

  4. Don’t believe it. I worked at WDW for 25 years. Major crowd flow restructuring will have to take place before any reopening can occur.

  5. L

    whatever trump says doesn’t matter. it’s up to each individual governor and country leadership. trump can push it all he wants.

    1. R

      ummm…in your rush to show off your TDS, you missed the following statement a few lines down.

      “As exciting as this news is for Disney fans everywhere, it’s worth noting that Trump has also stated the final decision for each state’s reopening does not lie on these federal guidelines but instead on each state’s governor and the severity.”

      1. Angel Hernandez

        That’s literally what he said. Trump supporters always hating facts.

      2. Angel

        That’s literally what he said. Trump supporters always hating facts.

      3. L

        In your rush to show off your trump denial syndrome, you missed the part where I literally said exactly that in my own comment. Not sure what you’re trying to prove except your own stupidity.

  6. Jen

    We had to reschedule our April Disneyland vacation to the end of September, so we will be there then, of CA Govonor allows it, which I am starting to give up hope on ?

  7. Lori

    We can not open back up. Too soon. We will go backwards

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      We can not stop living either! This isnt living i am going mentally need therapy soon and i never thought i say that! I am not a happy camper nor will i think i ever will be if the world is going to tell me i can not do anything for yrs from now! Sorry but i get why and such but i am sorry i want to eventually do more than walk my block or go food shopping for what reason there’s nothing there! People can die from mental health issues and going stircrazy w paranoia just as easilu as i can stay home for 2 wks if i get sick so i am sorry i rather the latter! Not saying disney reopen bc of it immediately but to say we are going to wait on a vaccine!? I am not going to be ok wo seeing my family going to broadway going to wdw etc etc for yrs! My friends will be my four walls! NO!

      1. Harley

        My grandma died bc she stayed home afraid of getting sick not bc she was old and died! The drs said she was fine and were baffled even when she past she just knew it was time i guess! So i hear you put please stay sane and breathe it will all be ok eventually i hope rebel you will remain strong w the force bc i can not pysch you over a fan site off a ledge!

  8. A dr with hope

    Just said tonight level one would include small businesses & more essential stuff like schools! Plus dropping social distancing! That doesnt say disney anywhere in there but not to say its not in the future! I believe we need to take it slow but as some said here and as a dr i agree staying inside for yrs will not be safe either… i know plenty whom i had to treat from mental health to getting sick from being inside bc yes that can get you sick too! Lets all just be prepared for whatever is next stay calm and wait….

  9. Lori

    I am hoping things get back to normal because my 12 year old daughter,& her dance audition team is supposed to dance on the magic kingdom parade in Florida in December. She is do looking forward to that

    1. Harley

      That sounds like so much fun i remember working at disney mania one time and dance troops back then preformed before us loved such talented future stars! It makes me smile when i see cheer and dancers around and i hope you get to come! Break a leg (not literally) as the saying goes to your daughter on all her future dancing dreams!

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