Comments for Fans Petition For Ariana Grande To Play Megara In A Live-Action ‘Hercules’

Ariana as Megara


  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Last time i checked fans wanted her nowhere near anything broadway esque…. after the wizard and i fiasco from wicked! Is Susan Egan that old? What about Kryta Rodriquez whom did the NYC park preview version for the Broadway show!? Has no one caught on that lack of Broadway actors in live stuff is disturbing and why movies fail look at the latest Broadway takes in the box office that had just names they failed if they had Broadway where Broadway needed to be its why Disney live actions have failed more then they could have succeeded bc they forgot a Broadway musical with amazing songs existed! Forget talented performers I am looking at you Aladdin and TLK!

    1. Harley

      Actually I think Ariana would make a great Elphie but not Meg shes not age appro actually Susan Egan still is ironically! But i do agree it baffles me still they make live action movies and forget the Broadway show the Broadway shows that succeed a whole lot more than their movies! I think enough is enough on the remakes! And I want a TLK w all the Broadway songs in it and Beauty with Home.

  2. Melissa Combrink

    I wish we could have seen that. We were so busy my kid’s were disappointed we missed it but she did an awesome job would love to see her in a live action Hercules or another movie.

  3. Melissa Combrink

    Let’s try this again. Not posting my comments for some reason. We would love to see her in a live action Hercules or another one that has a Disney princess that sings. My kid’s love her and watched her on Disney. We wished we could have seen the concert. We missed it that night because we were so busy. My kid’s were very disappointed and honestly so was I that we missed it and can’t watch it now.

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