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Disney Cast Members


  1. Ginger

    If employees need to wear fine, temperature check fine. I will NEVER wear a mask, my right!

    1. mykie

      your “rights” (whatever “rights” you think apply here) don’t apply on private property.

      it’s well within Disneylands right to require guests to wear masks upon entry, if they so choose.

      should that happen, don’t be surprised if they deny entry…

      1. Mark

        Then they get sued disney will not want that either… besides disney is big business they rather take your money then care about a mask believe me!

        1. Teresa Paolucci

          Are you a cast member?

        2. Samantha Bricknell

          Essentially, what you are saying is that you do not care about the health and welfare of others, since wearing a mask is not meant to protect you it’s meant to protect anyone who comes in contact with you. Your “rights” don’t trump the rights of others.

        3. Kerrie

          Requiring you to wear a mask on their property you cannot Sue them for it’s private property they can refuse service to anyone they wish as a business in California or Florida or anywhere for that matter. Disney will not allow you to wear any costumes that are Disney costumes as an adult on the property either to mitigate any confusion for small children and control any bad behavior being reflected on them by people in costumes you can’t Sue them for that you can’t Sue them for ask me to wear masks you can’t Sue them for taking away your selfie stick it’s private property don’t be a idiot. See there’s a big difference between facts and opinions your opinions are not facts you have to read more than one book in your life.

      2. Michelle

        The current rule is actually enacted by cities. Irvine, for example, requires all store employees to wear masks. If an employee is not wearing one, they could potentially be facing a fine of $1000. However, I don’t know of anyone actually getting a fine as people I’ve seen simply don’t want to spread germs and wear the masks. The fact, though, is a private company or a public one CAN require the use of masks. Orange County just put in to place a requirement matching those from Irvine, so I would imagine Disney employees will need to wear masks. Whether or not the population attending the parks does remains to be seen. I suspect, though, that Orange County (CA) won’t allow the opening of large event locations such as Disneyland until there is a drop in new COVID cases.

      3. Nurse whom cares

        Kerrie private proptery public company edu yourself public means must follow rules and masks are voluntary! Thats a law disney can not override it! Take it from me doesnt save you from squat… people like us where em before all think for residual stuff like blood splatter innsurgery etc or dentists whom actually come in contact w stuff or me i do blood and tests! But thats not going to keep you happy in your foolish bubble its like waiting for a vaccine!

    2. Leonor Granados

      No they should not..
      IS too hot, they have nice smiles, etc
      We have hundreds of virus before this one human bodies will adapt to this one too.

      1. Harley

        Besides thousands of airborne viruses no one cared to consider that do not have vaccines and could still get us sick and die but this makes people afraid! Btw mark i heard from my friends whom are cms they said managers gave em same list on last phone call before furlough!

  2. Marcie Sandoval

    As a cm at the gate. I think would be better to have flexi glass like at the ticket booths. Like at the stores and yes clear face shield and definitely gloves

    1. BatuuGirl

      I agree with the use of plexiglass, especially at all QSR locations, ODV carts, retail locations, and tbe guest services kiosks. The guests would need to swipe their own cards, have the PHYSICAL card for their AP discounts, and the ONLY cards CMs touch, wohld be cast IDs, and MEP. Insofar as cash, it shouldbe recommended that the guests buy gift cards, which they can also swipe.
      The CMs would still wear gloves, because of the shared POS terminals, and the masks wohld have to be either land, or costume appropriate, and issued by the company.

  3. Treasure

    You have the right to stay the hell home then!

    1. Harley

      So do you enjoy it but its our right to enjoy our life and not live in reality for the moment thats what vacation is for! Besides this is all a mute point! Turning the lights on as the saying goes happens one at a time no state is going to open fun theme park ahead of needs first of all or watch the protests turn to riots… Second its not going to happen over night… third this is all going to be mute we got over things before this will happen for this before long it has too paranoia and mental health are #1 cause of death second to heart attacks and i do not need to be a psych to know that so just take care yes think the world has corona NO bc it doesn’t! Many of us had it before it was even named survival rates keep going up and once you get it your done case closed! Hate to break it to you and half a dozen other stay at home for rest of life folks…. but there are more than corona thats airborne and could make you sick and if you have a bad immune system die but you never panicked before!

      1. Harley

        Question have any of these people worn a mask yet???
        Second try staying 6 ft apart from another person wearing a mask with hundreds of other people around and then ask a question to them like “where is the haunted mansion?”
        Yea i didn’t think so! NEXT!

  4. Ralph

    Unless the cast member wears full PPE, with an N95 mask, and changes their PPE with every interaction, there will that potential for transferring the virus from one person to another. Simply put, the only people who should be isolating themselves are those who are immunocompromised, and their caregivers. Healthy people with strong immune systems should be free to go about their daily activity with little or no issues. Masks should not be required because, against a virus, they are worthless.

  5. Jackie

    My trip for june to dl was already canceled by dvc so doubt this is happening.

  6. Steve Markley

    It could be a win win, require employees cast members and guest to wear mask , in Disney fashion Disney will design character mask that will make children want to wear them and Disney sells tons of Mask with liner pad kits to refill and reuse the mask , marketing, safety and Disney Fans all trying to get a Mickey mask or A haired mansion mask

    1. Cindy

      I know hhn fans have blood splattered ones ready to go doubt they will be aloud to wear em wo getting in trouble ala no makeup rule!

  7. Dr with a thought to ponder

    As a dr masks do not do anything my dearest friend got covid w mask and gown! But thats no reason to panic it was mild but its just a pt… But if you feel safer wear one i am just saying by the time your going to truly need em ala going to the park its all going to be a distant memory like everything before it! Theres many looking into a connection to a mutated flu strain if we can track it might bring hope to those worried but please do not worry it will be over soon! Just enjoy your life and love those around you have hope!

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