Comments for Furloughed Disney World Workers Could Auto-Enroll in State Unemployment

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Credit: Disney


  1. Michelle

    Im a cast member and know nothing about this? Our leaders told us to apply by paper form if you can’t online, so please what is this ? Michelle

    1. Harley

      My best friend whose been w the company for yrs just informed me just bc they are being furlough means nothing till the park reopens! Sat/Sun all wdw cms are ?????? They will be on their own for unemployment like everyone else!
      Even managers!
      He even said managers told him they wont be needed at first ride matinence will be first which makes sense these attractions been sitting still for months! Security to do round and get the safety protocol… whatever it is!
      Then cms to be test dummies for rides at a time… after ent to rehearse…. then the rest of wdw! Good luck and God speed cms! We love all of you and can not wait to thank you real soon! Stay strong! Btw fellow guests remember to thank cms when you get back even if something does not go your way they are as human as the rest of us and in the same boat!

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