Comments for A New Timon and Pumbaa Disney+ Series Is Reportedly In The Works!

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  1. Pat

    I want to see what happens with Kion, Kiara and Kovu! That would be way more exciting! Still any Lion King is better than none, hope The Lion Guard receives another season or spin-off show! Btw y’all spelt Kion wrong from the Lion Guard!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Lion guard has been off the air for yrs i doubt it alot of people wish the overdone nature of tlk go away for good! I have to admit great movie but alot seems forced they also ruined rivers by adding it and the broadway musical is beyond it by standards! Though i have to admit i love the safety videos timon and pumbaa do i got stuck watchung them at wdw one time!

    2. Jordan Zacarias

      So do I. I want to see a new series created continuing from where ‘The Lion Guard’ left off as well as many other fans.

  2. Jordan Zacarias

    What I really want to see is a new series that continues from where ‘The Lion Guard’ left off. And so do many other fans. They are dying to know how Kion and Rani’s relationship expands after he becomes the king of the tree of life as well as his friends adjusting to living with the night pride. There are still plenty of stories to tell at the tree of life as well as getting to know the night pride’s background. Any new series that deviates from the lion guard wouldn’t be that worthwhile.

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