Comments for Alleged Disney Thief Who Stole From EPCOT and Haunted Mansion Breaks Silence

Buzzy, Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney


  1. Lauren W.

    He acts likes he’s been vilified as if he did nothing wrong. Did he ever apologize or show remorse for his criminal behavior? He didn’t even plead guilty, just no contest. I don’t think he’s sorry, just sorry he was caught. It’s entitled,
    immature, impulsive people like this that society can do without.

    1. Stephanie


    2. Glen

      Disney security is soft? Hardly, this guy had to be one sneaky little thief to avoid other cast and surveillance. Really remorseful I see too, acting like it wasnt any big deal instead of a REAL apology and owing his stupid choices.
      Whenever you have to create false ID badges to gain access, you cannot really argue that you “just walked in”. Hope his business is posted on the internet, only thing he should be flipping is burgers.

      1. Lorenzo

        Don’t insult burgers like that… 😉

        1. michael

          pretty sure he isn’t welcome at dluxe burger

      2. Michael R

        It wasn’t a fake ID, it was a real ID that was no longer active. Is he a skilled criminal mastermind or a dumbass only fit to serve you at a McDonald’s? Make up your weirdly classist mind, dude.

    3. Michael R

      stealing and selling old stuff from a closed show that’s about to be demolished is hardly a crime against humanity, I think you’re acting like it’s worse than it is. He literally does show remorse in the interview we both just read, plus the fine and community service, so I’m not sure what else you want.

  2. Russ

    He pleaded no contest and admits he did it. His is not an “Alleged Disney Thief”

    1. Will

      He claims Disney misplaced the Buzzy animatronic and it was not stolen, but looking at pictures of the crime scene, it clearly looks like it wasn’t professionally removed. I guess that mystery lives on

  3. Brak

    You English often?

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