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Disney characters standing on a cliff about to attack


  1. Harley

    To me as a parent fight and disney shouldnt be in the same sentence!

    1. Kenneth Cox

      never see Kingdom Hearts, Snow White, Hercules, Mulan, Lion King, The Incredibles, The Incredibles 2, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid…well you get the point.

      1. Janie

        Kingdom hearts isnt violent its very religious under pt… where fight is like using the word hate! I get harleys pt not yours! Fight is very negative connotation! You apparently do not have children!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          Kingdom hearts is religious?

          We must have played different games.

      2. Mark

        Yes but while i see both your pts harley takes priority as all those things you mention while dark the good defeat the bad the picture looks like the heros are going to fight the villians to death like bloody arena style i mean mickey is frightening to me as an adult!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          You should try playing it since it’s not that at all. It’s actually a fun game.

          The downside comes it being too easy to spend a lot.

  2. Jackie

    Most disney things have religious undertones! You must not be watching anything right! Walt and his family are proud christians and theres a great book series called the gospels according to disney they even did one about the theme parks… i am not christian i am actually wicca and i enjoy learning about different religions as i prefer to coexist and i learn alot from wdw kingdom hearts has a huge religous undertone!

    1. Kenneth Cox

      ok, love to hear it since if you are just claiming something as a “religious undertone”, I’d love to see and show the research about if it is religous of just mythological.

      1. Harley

        How old are you bc you do not sound like an adult and you need your mommy! Do you just come on here to bother people i bet your not even a disney fan probably love universals devil worshiping bs! Considering your always debating faith and the disney family is very faithful my mom taught 2 in the catholic school she teaches at just recently!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          Well, as a 45 year old history teacher who has been a Disney fan for my life, I was asking for evidence to the claims. The disney family can be faithful but that doesn’t answer my question about Kingdom Hearts. I’m sure your mother, even if it is a Catholic School, cares about factual arguments, right?

        2. Kenneth Cox

          Also, please cite where Universal worships the “devil”?

          If you want to get to it, Walt put hell in Disneyland.

  3. Mark

    Children please your debating a video game thats overrated go in your corner a STFU! TY btw ken you can not say your a disney fan but say it belongs to hell in the same sentence i am sorry and harley walts family was christian and still is walt was not! So guess what your both wrong!

    1. Kenneth Cox

      You might want to see Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

      You die and go to hell.

      So, Mark, maybe you need to think about what you write before trying to insult.

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