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  1. Jackie

    I had a trip in june and dvc canceled me so i doubt it will be june! I also know cms that were just furloughed whom were told by managers that they do not know if they are going to come back…. Before all else i bet matinence and security have to get in first make sure its safe and ready to open forget osha and all that! Then ent to rehearse and managers after w a few cms that been there the longest to start cleaning up and getting ready while other cms come in and retrain attractions etc. Then finally guests that will take months! They can not just open and be operational overnight the whole park area will go glitchy and you will not care to complain why the rides arent open for you bc they should be like your queen of sheba! I think we still all need to have patience that goes for itm writers to stop w these articles yes its good to remain positive but unfortunately not all disney fans are intellectuals and think reopening means tomm! CMs wouldnt be furloughed until further notice if they have a date in mind btw!

    1. Harley

      I know cms whom were told the same! I agree if there was a close date in reach furlough might not happen or cms would have been told till when not we will call you! CMs though lets face it will be last to know like everything! But that doesnt mean parks reopen i think social distancing has to be a dostant memory…. i also can not see this taking same presidence or higher than schools, small businesses, religious gatherings, and just seeing family and friends period!

      1. Mark

        From what friends told me list is:
        ENT reherse
        Vital seniority workers and managers
        Everyone else after required retrain admits 30 day probation
        Then lastly guests!

      2. Rebel Orange Bird

        I heard BB was going first bc you could limit people in and its an 9-5 park!

  2. Cal

    I’m all for making sure when the parks re-open that there are safety protocols in place but if some of those rumors are true and we can expect a VERY limited and condensed version of the theme parks with no shows, fireworks, theater performances, etc. then why would they open at all? That honestly doesn’t sound like fun to me! All of these things would mean very limited availability for the rides( how many people can be let on at a time and the wait times), none of our favorite shows like Fantasmic, fireworks, character experiences, possibly lines and wait times to enter even a quick service restaurant just to sit and eat a meal, and just overall all a watered down version of the theme parks. My wife and I are anxious to go back to Disney World but if there are going to be restrictions like those in place then I may just wait until the parks go back to NORMAL operation.

  3. Kim

    What do you mean “dvc cancelled me” ? They are only cancelling through the first week of may currently. I know because I have trips booked with dvc for early may, late may, early June, etc. I’ve talked to them on the phone a lot in the past week. They have not indicated concerns about my late may or early June trips as far as any concrete news they’ve received. They are booking new reservations as of June 1. Dvc is even booking may reservations on the website. Not sure why yours got cancelled. Seems odd.

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