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Magic Kingdom Theme Park Hours

Credit: Disney/Inside The Magic


  1. Harley

    My friend just told me he was one of the lucky ones whom got unemployment before it glitched and he said its till oct maybe nov so take that as whatever grain of salt you want but if Disney was opening any sooner why they be putting their cms out till nov the earliest???? It doesnt make sense right! Also they amazing workers but right now arent essential in the eyes of needed workers (many are parents whom would love their kids to go back to school before hand) they are the ones that must remain patient like the rest of us whom need to realize disney wants us all to come in and have fun safe fun but maybe w as less restrictions as possible better for us to enjoy ourselves and better for them for business win-win! Also he said dhs and mk do not have the capacity function to make 6ft width lines wo causing problems dak and epcot are large enough to a pt your not going to reopen wo dhs that has your top attractions at the moment! Whenever it is remember kindness they were affect like all of us! Also have kindness and consideration for fellow guests common sense and do not stare bc people still do have breathing issues and allergies do not stare at us like we should be at home! Why are we in such a rush yes i want to get out too but i also know laws/rules are what they are there are more important things to life! And at least i am giving some hope of reopening eventually and not saying close it down like others have stated!

    1. Sue

      True. I do feel for the workers. Plus when they reopen we don’t need all these people coming in from
      All over the world. This will
      Not help us down here . I know a lot of people that work there and i feel for them. Bc they can’t even get unemployment bc the system is so bad down here some are still
      Waiting. It will be ver interesting how they open these parks and are they only going to cater to people who are staying at there hotels. What about all the annual pass holds that are Florida residents they should come first. But as Disney would say hey are not the ones who spend the money.

      1. Mark

        We spend alot in annuals they arent cheap! Thousands of dollars to them if your DVC and the same amount of money once at the parks 20% off isnt that much off!
        And your right disney needs to wait and like i said prior they have their own levels of 6 to come back up prior to us!

    2. Damion

      @ Harley, I don’t think you know how unemployment works, when the CMs were put on furlough and/or let go they were probably told “could be until October or November”. Keyword “COULD”. Any timeframe is just a guess. The CMs will be called back when the parks are ready to open, could be before October/November, could be after. If it’s before I doubt a cast member will say ” . . . . .but I’m on unemployment until November”. So you’re whole “if Disney was opening any sooner why they be putting their cms out till nov the earliest????” that makes no sense. People really need to stop guessing at dates and making it sound like fact. NOBODY knows when the parks will open. You’re as bad as Mark at spewing nonsense.

      1. Harley

        I am just passing on what my friend told me no need to tear me down for it nor mark…. you know people like you need to remember this is a spot for comments not to tear people down! You know something we should try during this time is kindness!

      2. Rebel Orange Bird

        Maybe you could learn some kindness and remember this is a comment section meaning opinions of others and just bc you do not agree doesnt mean you have to be right or ridicule others i know cms too and they said the same… amongst levels that agree w what mark said before in another place you called him a lair! So just bc you do not know info and others might they are being nice to pass it along weather its rumors or truth no reason to call it lies nor yell at them to move along! Thats rude and uncalled for!

      3. Jackie

        And yet harley also said kindness something you do not get all you do is make rude comments at least harley and mark are true constructive comments yours are just rude! Patience and kindness!

  2. Janie

    Wants vs needs children!

  3. Rebel Porg

    In the essence of time i think disney if they are going to wait till the right time its ridiculous to keep saying times have been removed! It says they are closed till further notice thats what it means in plan English! Also Disney just announced they are going to wait till its safe and fl said level 2 if possible if not 3 thats months away could be yr…. which to me means if its the latter i hope they allow construction back to wrk or the 50th anniversary will be a bust honestly unlike you think it will be like 25 (wo pink death cake) and be for 2 yrs!? I remember DL did 3 i think…

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