Comments for Disney Recipe: Make Hoop Dee Doo’s Strawberry Shortcake In Your Own Home

Hoop Dee Doo's Strawberry Shortcake


  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    All these hoop dee doo recipes is making me miss the show and restaurant unfortunately its not the easiest to get to and i do not want to go alone!

    1. Mark

      I hear a date after we are all said and done any takers?

    2. Harley

      I miss hoop too use to always go but now i prefer the luau we could all get a group together and go but figuring out schedules etc… i know your trying catch attn of someone else but i doubt he likes short cake besides whom would bake this get publix cake and fresh strawberries duh! Thats how the straw fest even does it!

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