Comments for Every Disney Princess (And Gaston!) Reimagined as The Little Mermaid

Source: Instagram - @fernl2606


  1. Tim S

    I didn’t see every princess, but his artwork is very good. My favorite was Gaston, but I prefer the more “manly” version that was in your header/banner. I think Moana would best be suited for life under the bubbles because of her love of the water.

  2. Darth Credenza

    Oh wow, my favorite Disney characters re-imagined as OTHER Disney characters!! Whodathunk?

    Have they done centaurs yet? Or werewolves? Or a CYCLOPS!!??
    That’s it! That’s what’s next, our favorite Marvel/Star Wars/Disney characters re-imagined as cyclops!

    I bet NOBODY has re-imagined that before.

    1. Rebel Ravenclaw

      Lol you got that right! My favorites are the new yoga poses ones :-p

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