Life’s a Picnic With These Adorable Disney Picnic Baskets

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disney picnic baskets

In some parts of the world, the weather is starting to brighten up as we preparing for warmer weather.  When spring has sprung, it’s party time — picnic party time, that is! We’re talking about the cold drinks, watermelon, finger foods, and maybe some churros!

You can take your picnic to the park, have it in your backyard, or even just set up camp inside by the window. But what do you need to get into that real picnic state of mind? A picnic basket of course!  The type of picnic basket you choose could really give your picnic a different feel.

Your unique picnic basket could give your picnic a friends party vibe, a sentimental family bonding feel, or even a romantic date setting.  So, what is your picnic basket personality?  Follow along below to help you decide what you’re looking for!  All of these Disney picnic baskets could be found on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website.

Basket Cooler

Minnie & Mickey Basket Coolers
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

These basket coolers are great for at the beach. The fabric is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the ocean getting into your basket.  The fully covered material will keep the sand out of your basket and away from any food and drinks.  Another great feature is that it is collapsible for easy storage.

Because the baskets are insulated, they’re the perfect picnic basket for keeping your adult beverages cold so you can keep the party going as long as you’re going!  You won’t go hungry either because it is double layered with a drawstring inside layer to hold all the food you need!  And they come in four great Disney design like classic Mickey and Minnie or a girls’ Princess picnic.

Minnie: $45.99, Mickey: $47.99, Belle: $54.99, Cinderella: $57.99

Princess Basket Coolers
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Country Minnie and Mickey Basket

This basket is so great for some wholesome family fun.  It’s the exact kind of picnic basket you think of when you think about picnics.  It has that plaid fabric lining like you would have on a picnic blanket or picnic table inside that willow, wicker type of woven basket. With the dual sided lids, it’s easy to stack plated food dishes without tilting.

Price: $63.99

Country Picnic Basket
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Romantic Date Champion Picnic Basket

Minnie and Mickey Champion Picnic Basket
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

When I look at this picnic basket, my mind immediately goes to Paris.  I’m sitting on the lawn underneath the Eiffel Tower enjoying the food and sunshine with the love of my life.  (One of the baskets is even Ratatouille themed!)  This basket is perfect for date night because it comes with plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins. It has an elegant lift lid that exquisitely displays the serving set for two designed with beautiful character detailing.

Minnie & Mickey: $172.99, Mickey: $239.99, Beauty & the Beast: $175.99, Ratatouille: $169.99

Champion Picnic Basket
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Other Picnic Items You Might Want

If you’re having a fun adult picnic, you may want a charcuterie board for meats and cheeses to go with your wine.

Which basket are you going to choose for your perfect picnic?  The best thing about having a picnic is really enjoying the person or people that you’re with.  Go out there and enjoy a little food, drinks, and good company, whether it’s at a local park or in the comfort of your own backyard.

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