Comments for This Just In: Disney Parks Remove Park Hours Through Early-Mid May 2020


Credit: Disney


  1. Sarah

    We had a trip planned for mid-end of May. While I am very happy that Disney is being responsible and closing the parks I think there are some things that they could do better. By the time the parks reopen and we go out now 2 year old will be 3. When I asked if they will be honoring the age of 2 so we don’t have to pay for the dining plan for her they said no it is the age they are when they come. They are also offering a “free” dining, which really isn’t free because it is for us the quick service, but we had booked the Disney Dining that included table service and you can’t stack discounts. This means we can either take the deal on the hotel price for when we go or the dining plan that is below what we wanted. Not really the customer service that Disney is known for and it isn’t really helping me rebook my trip. Disney you can do better!

    1. Lynette Browne

      We were given the quick-service dining plan and paid the difference to get the regular plan. You should be able to do that. Also, since your child will now be 3, your free dining will now include another set of meals and snacks, which makes it a better bargain.

  2. Lori Crownover

    We have a trip planned for mid July. We have a house rented but have not bought Disneyland tickets or made any reservations yet. I’m going to assume we are going to have to postpone until at least next summer. I am bummed, as we have not had a vacation in five years, but everyone’s safety is the first priority. We were going to be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary at Disneyland on July 12th, with our kids and grandkids.

  3. suzy

    How about we all decide what and where and if we feel safe? How about we wear masks and choose how we want to live our lives?
    Capitulation of our freedoms right here right now…life will NEVER be back to normal now that “leaders” have found this incredible power of fear and authoritarianism

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