Comments for We’re Soarin’ Around the Disney Parks with This Ambient Noise Playlist!

Disney Parks Around the World

Credit: Disneyland


  1. Pepper

    They don’t play that song at the Tree of Life anymore lol

    1. Harley

      Thats the tree of life theme yes they do! But its very low thats what ambiance music is its not supose to be heard over crowds i heard it last time i forgot if i was at the entrance or by tree waiting to get in!? It was christmas so the holiday music was mixing in though! I do remember bc its got a distinct clap moment and my son and i clap through it!

  2. Caleb Morris

    So glad you posted these… have you thought of posting these to Soundcloud? Soundcloud is where I’ve found a few other poor quality Disney BGM tracks like this but yours are very high quality. I use this for my work from home BGM.

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