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Disney on Broadway cancelled


  1. Harley

    Oh no i was looking forward to seeing my friends oh well! Its sad whats going on w broadway!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Same here we decided to zoom but its depressing i can not see them on stage or catch a coffee break w em during 2 show days its crazy times!

    2. Carmine Crincoli


  2. Nan

    This is ridiculous. Do the musicians in the union not get that they will reap benefits from the money raised? Now they’ve denied themselves and others much needed aid. How short sighted and selfish.

  3. Karen

    Another example of unions having too much power! Hope they get held out on their next contract negotiations.

  4. Sean

    The Local 802 musicians support the stream. They even wrote an open letter saying so. It’s the international president – one man – who’s blocking this. How short-sighted and despicable.

    1. Harley

      Well the govenor wasn’t paying broadway and doesnt consider each theatres performers etc a small business which it is! Only the producers have money! Thats why actors fund and BCEFA put up funds for the broadway just so they get something! Its unfortunate! My friends are in Six they were suppose to open when they closed they were planning staying open till friday literally an hr or so prior they told em nope were closed!

  5. Carmine Crincoli

    I feel saddened and outraged that this is cancelled! I just want it to be rescheduled to this fall in 2020!

  6. R M

    It is extremely disappointing that a labor union has caused this streaming to be cancelled. We have all been asked to do what we can during this crisis. It is indeed a sad day when that this organization is not willing to help. Millions of Americans, both young and old, were looking forward to a few hours of entertainment to help cope with the stress and anxiety. Shame on you!

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