Comments for Disney Releases Series of Park Shows and Ride-Throughs for Fans While Parks are Closed

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Credit: Disney Parks


  1. Darth Ideas

    Disney+ should really have a parks section with videos like this.

    Disney+ is super awesome, but so many of us love the parks themselves. They could post official (as opposed to people’s personal Youtube) videos of old parades or fireworks shows that are no longer around.

    They could have ride-throughs of attractions from overseas. They could do coming attraction segments for new rides. (Behind the scenes building, how cool!) They could hire somebody, like AJ from DFB, to do go around the parks having fun like they do on the in-room hotel channels.

    It would make people want to go to, or those of us who go all the time even more excited to go.

    It strikes me that they are missing a major content / promotional opportunity.

    1. Mark

      Some people just do not want to pay for it! Esp in this day and age even disney+ or netflix small fee is alot! They do have alot of things like the imagineering thing etc.

  2. Melanie Durham

    Thank you I needed some Disney magic!

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