Study Reveals Favorite Disney Movies by Country With Surprising Results

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Favorite Disney Movie by country

Source: Techcrunch, Know Your Meme, Parkdean Resorts

Everyone has a favorite Disney movie. Some love the classics like Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, or Dumbo. Some favor the live-action remakes, while some are vehemently loyal to the Disney renaissance films like Tarzan or Lilo and Stitch. Personally, I’m a Hunchback of Notre Dame kind of guy.

Amazingly, we can now see what each country’s favorite Disney movie is. A map created by Parkdean Resorts has shown what each country’s favorite movie on Disney+ is, based on Google statistics. The researchers even put it into this handy-dandy chart which makes life a lot easier.

Color coded world map by favorite Disney movie
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

So, there’s some pretty interesting stuff here. The U.S unsurprising favors Frozen, while it and its sequel continue to be some of the highest-grossing Disney princess movies of all time. Europe is far more mixed, however, as a number of countries including the United Kingdom and Turkey chose to watch Avatar above all else. France, perhaps unsurprisingly favors Ratatouille, which is of course set in Paris.

Other interesting picks include China favoriting Avatar, Russia loving Frozen, and New Zealand rating … Cars? Ok, no judgment here but I didn’t expect that one.

Take a look at the individual maps below to see what your country’s favorite Disney+ movie is!

North America – Frozen, 101 Dalmatians and A Bug’s Life

North America color coded map of favorite Disney movies
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

Pretty simple, but both Mexico and Canada’s picks are somewhat surprising. No disrespect as I’m a huge fan of each fan favorite, but they do seem a little random! As much as we all love the fairy tale based Disney princess movies, it’s refreshing to see that some countries’ favorite Disney movie doesn’t have to feature a song and a dance to still be some people’s favorite.

South America – Largely the same but with more Cars and Avatar

South America's color coded map of Disney favorite movies
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

Seriously, who knew A Bug’s Life was so popular?! Other than that, nothing too surprising here. It’s nice to see Disney classic Cinderella getting represented too. Prince Charming and company will be pleased.

Asia – Aladdin, Avatar and Frozen baby

Asia's color coded map of favorite Disney movies
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

Asia is a little more varied, which is cool. Animated classic Aladdin is well represented, while Pixar’s Toy Story also makes an appearance. As does Wreck-it Ralph. I still can’t get my head around the fact that that is a country’s favorite Disney movie. So cool.

Oceania – Frozen and Cars (and The Sound of Music? Huh.)

Oceania's color coded map of Disney's favorite movie
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

I guess the hot land of Australia loves to fantasize about the cold! Disney’s Frozen tops the list here, as well as Disney Pixar’s Cars and … The Sound of Music. Right. Ok.

Europe – A whole mess of different Disney movies, including High School Musical

Europe color coded map of Disney favorite movies
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

Much like the countries and people who live there, my homeland of Europe is vastly diverse. Ratatouille, Mulan, and High School Musical pop up, as well as a decent helping of Avatar and Frozen; clearly the two most popular Disney movies.

Africa – It’s all about Moana and Avatar

Africa color coded map of favorite Disney movies
Source: Parkdean Resorts.

It’s very cool to see Africa give Moana and Aladdin some love, along with The Lion King and Mulan. Also Lady and the Tramp!

So there you have it; each country’s favorite Disney movie based on Disney Plus viewing stats. If you ask me, it’s what isn’t there that’s more surprising. There’s a distinct lack of animated classics like Bambi, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. Heck, even The Lion King is only featured a little. The lack of Marvel and Star Wars representation is also deeply shocking.

Also; no Hunchback. This makes me so sad.

Did you expect these results? Did your favorite Disney movie make the list? What is your country’s favorite Disney movie? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Park Dean Resorts

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