Comments for Walt Disney’s Grandson Continues Fight for $200 Million Inheritance With New Help

Walt Disney

Credit: Disney


  1. Carmella kappes

    I think he should have his say in court or is there something going on that the judge want the money for himself if something happen with the man.give him his money it been many years now that walt been dead.

  2. Jo Ann Hubbard

    Down Syndrome people are smarter than people know. I had a son that was down syndrome and he could do much. There is people that knows that. The people that are doing this to any handicap person IS SO WRONG. Give him a chance to do what he wants with his money. That is what his grandfather wanted to do. I am praying that the dear lord will show everyone that they are smart. They are getting married and much more. God be with him. My heart goes out to him and everyone that has a handicap. I love them.

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