Comments for Live the Disney Dream Life at Golden Oak in One of These Houses For Sale!

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Credit: Disney



    Let me just pull out my checkbook and do you promise not to cash the check until 2042?

  2. Harley

    Yes bc everyone has millions of dollars just lying around and thats too much house now if you said i could live at okw sold!

  3. Joseph

    What’s the Inside the Magic coupon code for 10% off?

  4. Matt Brewster

    It upsets me greatly that, after its Celebration fiasco, Diz is getting back into the real estate business. The land where Golden Oak lies would be more useful as a buffer between WDW and the outside world. I hope this is not why it has bought property west of the MK! What makes this worse is that these homes are only affordable by the elite 1% of the population. It just goes to show that Diz is not interested in main- stream America any more! Diz has sold out!

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