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when should the disney parks reopen


  1. Mark

    Never keep em closed it be much safer for the paranoid populous disney is going to listen to anyways instead of just telling them to live there life out in a bubble!!

    1. Jackie

      Thats why half the good rides are gone and the parks are money hungry vaccums!

      1. Diane Minor Minor

        I would think once everyone sees a decline in cases.You do it too soon and virus could start all over then they would have to close again. Maybe in September.

      2. Peter

        What are some of the rides you are referring to?

        1. Heather

          Disney isn’t liable for anyone getting sick. Come on then every person who already got sick would have to prove where they caught the virus and people would have to sue their employers, neighbors, grocery stores, family members. The parks should reopen with enhanced health measures. Those who choose to live in a fearful state can choose not to go.
          When you lose a young spouse, who was healthy with no health issues, suddenly and unexpectedly with no medical explanation on why and how they suffered a cardiac arrest, you realize, NO HUMAN being controls life or death. There are risks everyday to just getting in your car and drivingto a store, risks of germs everyday from normal routine things we’ve always participated in. This virus is serious, but the reality is, we can’t control it, and we’ll never be able to.

      3. Please open because my family wants to go so bad because we never go so please let it be ?

    2. PetiteChef

      Never? Thanks. Myself along with thousands of other people would completely be out of work. I build my whole career there as a chef and now what? Screw me and all of the rest of us?

  2. Rebel Porg

    What does indefinitely and stay home mean to you?

  3. Dawn

    They should open now. If people don’t soon get released from these government imposed prisons soon they are going to explode.

    1. Jackie

      They can not bc though fl #s are better cali N other places like ny are just as bad as when they started! Patience is a virtue! And while i be the first to go w you bc i survived st 4 cancer and both my parents are those old people in WC whom are like dying anyways let me live I see the rest of the world and its not pretty sight! Disney is a big business that wants money but they want it in a safe way and they arent dumb!

    2. Janie

      No offense to you but are you out of your mind! Most execs live in cali and ny both states are still the epicenter of this! And cases are still climbing so are the deaths yes survival rates are too but not enough to discredit that…. as a Floridian whose more worried about fires and hurricane season as well as this says i am happy waiting till they say its ok! Its not ok! My friend is in the military and in ny she said they are far from peaking as are the rest of us and disney isnt going to its own thing… besides we are all in lockdown i am not getting arrested for going to wdw nor i be comfortable in what was it yesterday here felt like 99° in a mask all day!

      1. Travel Girl

        June 1st.

    3. Peter

      AMEN to THAT!

    4. Susan

      I totally agree with you. Enough is enough and we need to get the economy moving again. However, it needs to be slowly as Disney did close down slowly. They need to start doing this now. But, they do not have the right to take my temperature. Also, I think now is the time for Disney to reevaluate alot of what the do such as the high prices; after all of this unemployment prices will need to come down.

      1. Jeff

        They don’t have to let you into the park either

      2. david

        They do have the right to take your temperature if you want to be allowed on their property. They are a private company. Plus , I don’t want any sick person in the park either. So stay home.

    5. Peter


  4. As a travel agent specializing in Disney {Academy Travel/Mickey Vacation}we all know Disney will open when it is completely safe to do so. Disney’s first priority is to assure their guests are safe and happy when they return, to the Happiest Place on Earth” Until then “Believe In The Magic”

  5. I hope they are open by June the first with some restrictions we were there when they closed and the crowds were large, i have only heard of two people that had been to Disney that supposedly had the virus there may have been more, Disney will do a great job at keeping people safe when the parks re open, we will experience some changes to what we are accustomed to.

    1. Harley

      I was there right before they closed people were on vacation as normal as if nothing changed well except attitudes more people were taking time to thank cms instead of fighting w em! The old people were out in droves for flower and garden concert! Hand sanitzers everywhere and they already had lots of machines! Cms wiping down stuff i thanked them esp bc its a thankless job to be the cleaning person on the rotation at an attraction or at gate! One gal was wiping the finger spot as well as band after every person. There will be still paranoid caution people in there bubble but i would be surprised if its business as usual after a while bc people go on vaca and locals go on day trips to just get away not stay in reality!

  6. Ed

    Open now with some restrictions. Can’t keep the country closed forever
    Enough is enough
    The flu kills more than the Covid-19

    1. Harley

      Wouldnt be suprised thats all this is wont find out for yrs like swine flu that this bat flu but thats what it is actually its name before corona etc was sars-covid2 influenza so do with that as you will! Also isnt it ironic that flu deaths keep rising along w the corona cases thats fishy as my grandma would say! But this did come out of china to cdc which got paid off to not tell the truth to you know who in WH and he would rewrite the bible to say hes God so … but like someone said above is it worth getting arrested for??? Bc many stay in places including some here in fl are warnings w fee or arrest! I know we all want to go and are getting restless but is it worth the risk!? My kid has bad allergies and got stared at before this as it is i got cursed out a few times its like you can not catch an allergy i do not want to face those people either! But i hope you have fun when you go!

    2. Jeff Adams

      Umm…do you actually check statistics? This morning, right now in the US it is 40x (4.0% death rate) more deadly than the flu (.01% death rate) and worldwide close to 60x (6.0% death rate). If we had 60 million infected, like the flu last year, it would mean 2.4 million people would potentially die (vs 60k for flu) just in the US. The only reason the death rate is currently in the thousands is because of the restrictions. Fun? No. Our business is down 75%. This is hard. But I love my neighbors more than money. But open this up without testing and supplies/support in place? That just doesn’t make any sense. Our system is barely keeping up now. This whole fly argument is old news, and a false narrative.

      1. Mark

        Yes and more people died from the flu past yr then corona and the survival rate just made us #s become a wash??? Your pt in all this is???

      2. Mark

        Ps. As i have said before my parents died of the common cold and my 16 yr old sister died from cancer i have no sympathy for facts and figures just the truth and right now its nothing but BS!

      3. Jacquart

        Don’t shoot me?but I’ve often sat and wondered about this virus and flu, and yes your right it does so they say kill more than those with the flu but does it take into account the thousands that currently have vaccinations to flu? Just wondered

    3. Susan


  7. Denise B.

    Open now. I’m getting sick and tired of this “control”! Viruses need to run their course regardless. What they are doing is just slowing down the inevitable. That’s why it’s obvious that there is more to this than just Covid-19.

    1. Lauren T.

      Thank you! Glad someone said this!

  8. Mark Warshofsky

    For myself and others who has reservations for early June. A decision should be made ASAP (latest: May 1st). This will allow reservations to be cancelled and new ones made. As the decision for June and beyond with no decision, it mades any reservation to be changed would be limited on availability.

    1. Pete

      Limited to availability says it all! Once this is all clear to go, the parks and resorts will be filled beyond capacity!

    2. Harley

      Most dvc hotels are book spare few days well into next yr and there’s no doubt other resorts are as well! I was on the website just checking for my sons bday next yr considering this yr was well ….. still on hold as you could say your vacation is!

  9. Cathy C

    I’ve always thought they have crammed way too many people in there to be safe…and they should go strictly to a reservation system. Pre-sell so many thousands of tickets a day and that’s it- the farther out you buy for a certain date- the less expensive the tickets are. This would help people plan their vacations in advance, too. I highly doubt Disney would ever go to that model because it would limit income and we all know it’s about money and profit!

  10. Jason K

    Anytime from Late-May to Early-June

  11. C. D.

    There is a divide in those answers that no one wants to address. Those that are saying “open now…” are thinking selfishly, while the opposing side seems more concerned over others.
    Yes, I want to be able to return to the parks, but I have loved ones that are CM’s and know many that are high-risk. I think of them before I think of my next ride on FoP or a Dole Whip.
    If the parks open to soon and there is a flare up, Disney would be considered liable for “opening too early” and that is not something anyone wants.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      exactly but you also have to understand the 3rd group whose all for staying at home now but will riot in streets or at wdw before they do this again!

      1. Harley

        Yas queen!

  12. Talia finer

    If the park closed on March 16 and if they stay closed for two months then they should reopen on may 16 that way they would be opened in time for Memorial Day

  13. T-Rex

    Mickey will be very cautious about opening his parks etc. It’s because we live in the Most Litigious Place on Earth. If one person becomes ill then surely they will try to pick what they assume to be the Deepest Pockets on Earth. Many more will follow. That could spell disaster for the aprox 400K Cast Members world wide. Do you blame The Mouse for being super cautious? I don’t.

  14. Scott Strang

    We’ve rescheduled for the 2nd time for the 2nd week in June.

    But I’m sure your idiot governor and the mayor of orange county will still disallow anyone from Louisiana to come into the state w/o a two week quarantine. That would effectively destroy the vacation time of anyone that isn’t retired.

    They both need need to be held accountable for the state’s financial destruction.

    Enjoy it. You elected both of them.

    1. Kaya

      As long as your officials are held accountable for their slow response of the virus and continued Mardi Gras when it was clear it should have been cancelled.

  15. Ann Yost

    June 1 for Americans who have current tickets

  16. Ann Yost

    June 1 for Americans with previously purchased tickets

  17. Cassie

    Disney should open may 1st

  18. K. Hill

    Let science set the time for reopening. While my family and I love WDW, nothing is worth the cost of suffering or human lost. That old saying “this too shall pass” applies here.

    1. Jeff

      No disrespect but I have had it with the “let science decide” statement. Last I checked this virus dies in minutes in heat and sunlight yet governors are keeping state parks and beaches closed and advising people to huddle inside..the exact opposite of what basic scientific facts dictate. We can have differences of opinion and thats fine, but lets be intellectually honest and admit our differences are not because of “science.”

  19. Marcia Enck

    Disneyland should open for the holidays. I’m hoping that it will be safe for the public by then.

  20. Catladyschmoo

    Open ASAP, who wants to go, goes and the others stay home

    1. Kelly

      I want Disney world to open back up soon, as I have my culinary program that starts July 6th but I also know that we need to decrease and eliminate the virus.


      Have you no thought for the cast members?

  21. Please open because my family wants to go so bad because we never go so please let it be ?

  22. Are you all crazy? Do you not know anyone who is sick? How about your parents or children? People are dying alone because this virus is Not the flu and is more infectious than any flu we’ve ever dealt with. As a mother with a daughter in the medical field, I can’t wait for the day to hug her again and the day she can hug her kids. And as a Disney addict I too am anxious to go . But spend this time with your family and enjoy it. Disney will be here tomorrow.

  23. Dan

    Open now do not join the lemmings….it is political hooey….

  24. Elizabeth Wyart

    The Governor of California was asked a question today about holidays coming up such as Memorial Day and July 4th. He said although they are looking at a soft reopening of some businesses sometime maybe in May or June (and that depends on the curve of the virus. They don’t just want to see a flattening, they want to see it going down) gatherings of 100 or more is not likely to happen for fear of it spiking up again. I work for Disney and I don’t think they will be opening anytime soon. Businesses here are taking their cues from the Governor and our health organizations. He will have a better idea within two weeks. In the meantime we are at stay at home orders and social distancing like everyone else.

  25. kim peek

    Open mid may to june 1st.

    We are all tired of being under house arrest. Time to have some fun

  26. Cory Salter

    They should open June 1 no restrictions. That gives 6 more weeks of mitigation. If people fear going they can push their vacation back. There are no restrictions that would work. What good would standing 6 feet apart do,
    if I am getting on a ride that someone else sat, on and sweated on, breathed on, etc.

  27. J.N.

    They need to reopen with limited guests, perhaps by reservations online (similar to how they book Halloween and Xmas parties). There is no way to open the floodgates and go back up to normal capacity on day 1, week 1, or even month 1.

  28. Jacqueline

    Keep it closed for a while. Like to the end of August or mid September. Way to many people come and it’s people on top of people! We need to wait for a long time before it would be safe to open

  29. Deb

    Why are grown adults having breakdowns over wdw being closed !? Come on get a grip, I love Disney as do my family .we cancelled this may holiday but it’s ok we are still all alive finding it hard under lockdown but it’s not forever. Life is short enough without taking or wanting to take stupid risks with your life so just chill and wait patiently like the rest of the world

  30. Jennifer

    I believe they should open to vacation club members who have/had reservations while this quarantine was in effect.

  31. Jonathan

    The sad reality is that guests from all over the world will be coming into the parks and there is very little Disney can do to mitigate the virus from spreading. Generally, hygiene is the best defense. Hopefully through this “stay at home”, “social distancing” timeframe, lessons have been learned and the “new norm” will be and should always have been personal hygiene and cleanliness. Over the years I have watched with a level of horror the total disregard the general population has for their well-being. I have also observed over the years that Disney has let their guard down concerning social changes, dress code, and poor conversational skills of some Cast members. The hiring process needs to be more stringent. Given the minimum wage increases, Disney can and should be more selective. Lastly, Disney-Guest experience should also not be compromised by allowing erratic social behaviors to be displayed on the property. Way too many confrontational incidences occurring that seems to be tolerated. I know this was a little off-topic however, the conversation needs to be out there and concerns addressed.

  32. AnotherCitizen

    How about we just cordon off the poorly run metro areas of the country and then let the rest of us get back to business. The people that live in those areas gave up their freedoms without a 2nd thought they should live with their choice of gov’t. I choose not to blindly accept what’s being told to us about the risks and want to question the information. That said, if the data doesn’t back up the reason everyone is scared to death, then they should gradually open…and soon.

  33. Dean

    It should be open now without restrictions. Life is NOT about waiting for the storm to end.. It’s learning to dance in the rain. Besides the numbers don’t add up for the amount of paranoia. 1/10000 chance of catching. Then 1 in 1000 chance of dying. Better chance of hitting the lottery.

  34. Patrick

    Reopen now. The only thing that makes this virus different that all the other thousands of viruses floating around everyday is that we are wearing masks for some reason. This virus is like all the others, meaning It’s here forever, we are all going to catch it at some point. Not a big deal.

    1. Jodi Gibson

      That’s right. Good comment and I feel the same way.

  35. Jane Orbon

    Not until it’s safe. The worse thing to happen would be to open too soon and start this virus all over again and then have to close again. People trust the Disney name. When you open we will believe it’s safe so please be sure.
    And I loved the chalk pictures.

  36. Ryan in L.A.

    I think the Parks should open ASAP with smaller crowds, gradually increasing until back to full capacity. I personally believe there is a lot of unnecessary fear about the virus that stems from a combination of bad scientific models and media hype. “Not until it’s safe” is far too vague and will only result in continued pain and suffering for everyone. The only way to move forward is to re-open in steps, and I believe that when we see that the dangers have been overblown, the rest of you will come out from under your beds. Besides, going to Disneyland with smaller crowds could be a blessing for the attendees.

  37. Dena FL Resident

    Well this selfish I know but they should in my opinion start a soft opening with yearly pass holders and residents of Florida. We love the tourists , and our friends and family from out of state but, your turn will come, for now, give us a break. We opened our beaches and now they are so crowded we can’t enjoy them. I say enjoy your own state, own parks. When it’s business as usual come back and we will welcome you. Soft date Sept 5th. Out of state folks Nov 1, 2020

  38. Jodi Gibson

    Open now please. It’s been long enough. People are going to get sick no matter what, no matter what they get. You can’t control the flu or colds, so reopen. You can’t stay home forever, and people need to be happy and do things to keep going in life. Taking things away make people depressed and think of those that already are depressed and go to the happiest place on earth. So for me, they should have already reopened.

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