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  1. Harley

    Yes bc why wouldnt disney try to make money off this sad time!

    1. Mark

      These are the times i ? Disney and remember there a big business whom wants my money they really do not care! And i actually sometimes hate the company.

  2. Dr w patience

    As a dr i sadly agree masks do not do anything my dearest friend got covid w mask and gown! But thats no reason to panic it was mild but its just a pt… this material looks cheap too and $20 is crazy! But if you feel safer wear one i am just saying by the time your going to truly need em ala going to the park its all going to be a distant memory like everything before it! Theres many looking into a connection to a mutated flu strain if we can track it might bring hope to those worried but please do not worry it will be over soon! Just enjoy your life and love those around you have hope!

  3. Eva

    If there was a four-pack for $20 with Donald, Daisy, Mickey, and Minnie, I would totally buy it! Those would be great for some of our cosplays that we take to huge Cons, where it might be smart to wear a mask whether or not COVID is an issue. Also, I make masks, and $5 apiece is not too much. Fabric isn’t cheap, plus you’ve got to factor in time, materials, and the ability to sew.

    1. Harley

      I am a costume designer and what you said is key… time and patience to sew the simplest pattern at least for me is the hardest but some like a costume i could do off hand… also trying to go from hand sew to a machine is my challenge my family wants me to make masks its like i broke all my needles sorry lol! Your right though the character ones would make cosplay items and be worth a price!

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