Comments for COMPLETE Line-Up Revealed For ‘Disney Family Singalong’

The Disney Family Singalong


  1. Haley Fennell

    We’re all in this together-obviously! I’m the biggest HSM fan so to have all of the original cast and the new cast of HSMTMTS together for that performance is going to be the highlight of my quarantine weeks. 🙂 ?

    1. Harley

      Thats all anyone says now and i burst into that song never a fan of hsm but i know the song!

  2. This is just what we needed, it can not take the place of being at Disney, but at at a time when the world is upside down and families are being isolated from each other this show will be like a spoonful of sugar.

  3. Judy Beeker

    My husband and I enjoyed the show “The Disney Family Singalong” but were uncomfortable with some of the commercials. Don’t know if Disney has the ability to screen these commercials in advance.

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