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Disney World Closure


  1. Normie

    I have a disney vacation booked for in May – the 8th through the 16th. They have not canceled it yet – but last week, they removed my fast passes for the 8th and 9th – the following day , they removed my dining reservations for the 8th and 9th as well – they were Le Cellier and The Trails end.

    I have come to terms that they will most likely cancel it, so I booked a vacation for the middle of June for a weekend.

    I just wonder why they cancel only 2 days of fast passes and dining – and nothing else. I haven’t received an email either.

  2. Lillian Fitzpatrick

    Hi our trip was cancelled from Ireland on 15th March we have rebooked for 17th August what’s the chances of this going ahead

    1. Rich

      I’m really sad about it but hate to say it but I am not sure if we will ever see Disney the again this year. The numbers are not slowing and I can’t imagine what a long flight would look like from Ireland. So sorry for your family but stay safe.

    2. Normie

      They’re having a meeting today – they are in line with opening up soon – after their meeting, they will announce the probable dates for reopening- they said locals of Florida first, then the rest of the USA, then lastly, international- I say it looks pretty good for your arrival in August. Stay safe and have fun planning your trip.

      1. Mark

        Yea i do not think so half their cast was furloughed to god knows when wo a date… or fired!
        Its going to go for hearing impaired….
        Matinence and secuirty
        Ent to rehearse
        Vital cms
        After a while of getting stuff together and cleaning
        Then other cms whom will retrain w 30 probation then finally guests! Theme parks dont open over night second disney will not want lawsuits over you didnt let me in so guess what stop spreading lies…. universal just said they are remaining closed disney will follow suit! Wishful thinking is positive but saying it like you know something!

        1. Melanie Durham

          You act like you sit in those board meetings too but you don’t! So shut it!

      2. Mark

        Melanie disney wasn’t built in a day so it can not reopen this is what cast was told so maybe you should stick your nose somewhere else and shove it! If you were a cm you be fired instantly w your constant whining!

      3. Mark

        Ps. I know more upper managers bc i was one you and the rest of the nonsense have no clue about anything so please stop insulting me! Besides theres been others on this board whom are either cms or know cms that can back me up! If you do not like that list you wont like no one in till next Jan!

  3. Bob S

    We have a date in early Dec, good luck to all the Disney fans who want to enjoy the parks again.

  4. I’ve had to cancel 2 trips with Disney World & Disney Cruiselines within a year due to Hurricane Dorian & Covid Pandemic.
    My granddaughters & I are anxiously waiting till next May to take this trip.
    Hopefully, this Pandemic will be a thing of the past, vacations will resume as planned
    Much luck & prayers to all.
    God Bless

  5. Helen

    Will all the parks be open by Christmas 2020 at disneyworld? We have a Christmas vacation at that time.

  6. Kristin

    I had a trip planned from May 11th-15th and also recieved this email yesterday ??

  7. Jade

    I had my family trip for 26th April to 6th May cancelled due to Covid-19. Ive been told I can’t get a refund for Disney tickets only a credit. As I live in Australia and I’m pregnant it’s no good and I’ve lost my money. Very sad times!

    1. Melanie Durham

      Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry they cannot refund your money! I sure hope you’re able to make it to the parks when this all blows over! And congratulations!

  8. Mary Ortiz

    We are still waiting to see if our trip from july 7 thru 10th in Hollywood is cancelling?

  9. Jackie

    I got canceled in June already so this article is old!

  10. Carolyn

    Hi, we have reservations for June 15-19, how is it looking for these dates. ?

  11. Carolyn

    As an out of state AP holder do you plan to open for in state AP only holders in the beginning?

    1. Michelle D

      Carolyn, Inside the Magic is not Disney. At this time, no one knows exactly what the plans for reopening are. As an out of state AP myself, I’m guessing we will have to wait until both Florida and our home states allow non-essential travel again.

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