Comments for Analyst Predicts Disney Parks Attendance May Not Normalize For Years After Reopening

Credit: Disney


  1. Janie

    I find this article hard to believe bc everyone has been locked inside i say opposite there’s now none stopping everyone it will nuts!

    1. Mark

      Besides why let 2 people post articles of the same nature?? Let the riots start but normal convo gets flagged!

      1. Harley

        Besides i hope they are ready for it knowing disney i bet not! And we will be waiting even before we get in bc they never could manage parking!

  2. Jason K

    Agreed, The sad reality is that magic wands don’t exist and it will take time.

  3. Charles

    People will return as soon as it opens. People love their Disney Parks, they will just take more precautions but they will return, especially for the 50th anniversary.

    1. Janie

      By the 50th this will be a distant memory!

  4. LB

    This analyst must not be reading Facebook groups. Or trying to book fastpasses for early June. Parks are going to be packed.

  5. It sounds like the analyst are not annual pass holders, or even Disney fans. All they need to do is go to a Disney Facebook group and read what everyone has been writing since this all started. Whether they are annual pass holders, cast members or guests in general who fly/drive from the ends of the earth to go to a Disney Park, they will all come. If anything we need the escape, hope, happiness and magic that Disney gives us.

  6. peter Mitros

    Open the damn parks! WE WILL go at that point!!!

  7. Connie

    I agree with the article, with the unemployment rate today there will not be a lot of families that will be able to afford the trip. Retirees have a more stable income. Don’t be surprised to see the parks have a limited daily attendance for a gradual opening.

  8. Hi there is a way called “The Disney Wa”, and that is very very special involving als Cast Members via the storybourd System. People will come together again, even via internett and will get ready for the new challange, and it will work I am SHURE !!!
    Take care from Hamburg/ Germany

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