Comments for Oo-De-Lally! Disney+ Announces NEW “Robin Hood” Remake!

live action robin hood remake


  1. William Noetling

    No. For the love of god, why? I hope this doesn’t actually get made.

  2. Nick

    This sounds like an April Fools prank. Where did you hear about this and when was this announced by them?

    1. Mark

      Half these articles sound like april fools… its like the virus we are going to find out was a cruel lab experiment jk that got released! That or its just a bad case of the flu and they gave it a name so everyone went nuts forgetting how many things that are airborne could kill us and now we panic!

  3. Thomas

    Why did Walt start and get noticed? Because he was innovative, and a great storyteller! I wish he were alive today to pull things back to originality and not rehashes that may be visually impressive but sap all the heart is there in the originals. The only one that intrigues me is ‘Mulan’. I love Disney, and just want respect to be made to the classics and the people who made them.

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