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Ann Sullivan animated projects


  1. Emma Garcia

    The picture is of lucia Bosé a spanish artist

  2. Nieves Pascual Ena-Elliott

    That is Lucia Bose

  3. Damion

    I feel like this site is turning into another Yahoo or HuffPost . . . . .

    1. Harley

      Or any one of them besides ann is not w disney she left w chris sanders and shes quite alive she had corona and is doing well now like all the rest of us that had it before it got named!

      1. Kevin

        No. She passed away. That’s my grandmother.

  4. Christina Snyder

    May you rest in peace Ann you brought joy to many people through your wonderful art thoughout the years.

  5. Do some research before you write your articles. Every person who works on an animated film is not an “animator” . Animator is a very specific job category . There are dozens/hundreds of other people who contribute to an animated film besides the animators. Ann Sullivan was a cel painter and also worked in the paint lab at Disney mixing pigments. When the industry transitioned from traditional hand painted cels to digital paint (at Disney using the ‘CAPS’ system) she made the transition to digital painting.

  6. Dana

    Thank you for sharing this short article. It was nice. Just an FYI – the company name is MPTF for Motion Picture & Television Fund. It was correct at the beginning but got changed at the end. Always proof read before sending things out. Thanks.

  7. Kara

    Can someone do their job and fix all the photo that’s not her

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