Comments for Daisy Ridley Breaks Silence, Rebukes Fans’ Hatred for “The Rise of Skywalker”

Daisy Ridley speaks out about Star Wars criticism


  1. Harley

    Thats right daisy you remain strong and proud of yourself as an actress! They dont like it they do not understand and they are not you! Just like the entitled are aloud to scream and shout you too must be proud of whom you are… thats only being human shows humanity and being humble! Good for you! Its not everyone cup of tea but if you watched these movies by themsleves you see em differently i know i have and i liked them before! The making of she speaks of comes w the dvd as a bonus disc and its a really inspiring in many ways like she said you truly see everyones love for it and all the parallels and fun stuff more than a behind the scenes its a nice 2 hr doc/mini movie that goes from beginning to end and i mean beginning as in 4!

    1. Matt

      There is no winning nowadays with Star Wars fandom.

      1. Harley

        Believe me i know your talking to a mom whose kid hasnt put down his black spire book aka vi’s story and batuu story since the park close i know i am in a minority there but we love batuu but we love classic star wars too! To each his own!

  2. Darth Vader

    I’m a Star Wars Fan (do I need to say that?).
    I liked Force Awakens, Rise of Skywalker, Rogue One and Solo (except for that one Darth Maul scene).

    But LAST JEDI stunk. It stunk in a way that damaged the franchised. And it seems like nobody at Lucasfilm wants to admit that outright. Go ahead and defend LJ, but at the end of the day, Star Wars likability went down AFTER that movie.

    After 7 great movies, LJ was snarky, at times non-directional and generally disconnected from what Star Wars is. It made people see the flaws of Force Awakens. Face it, if LJ was great, people would forgive the flaws of Part VII (which they did, until LJ came out). Instead, people trying to understand how Last Jedi went so far off the rails from Force Awakens, started to dislike both.

    LJ was a sloppy movie. I’m still yet to find anybody who can defend WHY the movie opens with a Marvel-style ‘Yo Mama’ joke. And then proceeds to change the name of the good guys halfway through from “the Resistance” (which they are) to “the Rebels” (which they are not). This are examples of its poor writing/directing and it was evident to enough Star Wars fans, that they got turned off and, not unreasonably, blamed Disney.

    1. Rebel porg

      The only good thing about LJ and i quote a majority of us that say this
      “Bb8 is the true hero and porgs!”

      1. Harley

        Thats what we say too my kid has a mob of porgs nesting in a cubby on his bed that to other people be a bookshelf etc his is a porgs nest! Lol!

    2. Rebel Orange Bird

      Your a star wars fan wow wonder how i guessed you were one of us 😉

      1. Darth Ach-to

        Oh, yes. Porgs rock, definitely.

        And PS– (to my above comment)– It was not the actor’s fault. Any of them. They did a great job. Not a single one did a bad job. So it does suck when people say nasty things about the actors themselves (Like Rose and Rey, and Finn). My grief is targeted directly at the director and producers.

      2. Mark

        Your very right darth but just bc your upset at the directors direction etc doesnt mean you go around going that movie sucked and i have spoken and i speak for all fans! I agree that 7 and 9 are the better movies but if you pull 8 away from the rest it is aok movie! Though like harley said above vi’s book and batuu story along w porgs could have been movie 8 and i know we at least in my house would have been fine w it! The actors do what their delt w its like w any acting job many preformers dont want to be in abc show but guess what they are getting paid did a great job thats what matter do not like it theres the door! Its like my friend says personally i love myself my kid you do not like me kiss my (beep) bc that doesnt say much about you as a person to be critical of people you do not know! We are all only human!

      3. Rebel Orange Bird

        Ps. You actually answered twice in one spot darth i think i will faint but you still didn’t answer my request… 🙁

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