Learn How To Create A Model Roller Coaster System Right In Your Own Home

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Mickey and Rockin Roller Coaster

If you are looking for a fun at-home activity to do during this unfortunate time but yet want it to be educational? Disney Parks has just shared a fun ‘How To’ video on how roller coasters work (like the famous Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)!

If you ever wondered how roller coasters operate and were fascinated by the science behind the system — Disney Mechanical Engineers, Angel and Josh, shared their insight. Both of their curiosity bloomed when they were younger in STEM-based subjects. This is where they both found their passion for roller coasters.

Roller Coaster
Credit: Disney

Today, both Angel and Josh work at Disney Parks behind-the-scenes and even had the opportunity to put their skills (math, science and engineering) to the test when they collaboratively worked on one of Disney’s fastest roller coasters – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

If you have ever ridden this iconic roller coaster, you will know that just in a matter of a few seconds, you will go from 0mph to 60mph! And now, Angel and Josh spill the beans and bring us behind-the-scenes to explain the science behind it.

Build Your Own Model Roller Coaster Launch System

And now you can take this science lesson and put it to your own test while working on this fun at-home activity. During your next ‘science class’, use these instructions below and compile some materials to build your very own model roller coaster launch system right in your own home.

Build your own Roller Coaster instructions
Credit: Disney

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Will you be making a roller coaster model at home? Let us know in the comments.


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