Comments for Voice of Moana, Auli’i Cravalho, Comes Out as Bisexual


  1. Mark

    And we all care why no offense but i always thought she was gay… this doesn’t mean moana is btw!! So do not go and protest the movie! The only offense i take is they cut moana hair short in the photo now … hello many women have a short haircut and aren’t gay! My best friend has a short hair cut bc she lives in fl and has dark hair along w alopecia.

    1. Matt

      I feel like a website about disney parks does not need to post articles like this. I think it takes a lot of courage to pronounce to the world that you are different and that you are choosing to live your life bravely and openly, but there are lots of people who still hate and fear people who are different, and it tends to bring out so many nasty comments. Not sure if this is the place for all that. But it will get clicks

    2. Kenneth Cox

      “we all care why?”

      Because representation matters to people.

      and bi isn’t gay.

      1. Mark

        Ok but everyone else must live under rocks compared to up north my group was always represented so much that you didn’t even need to be said!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          I have some sociological research on portrayals in media then that you should watch.

      2. Harley

        Kenneth have plenty of psych studies i have done a psych that will prove your attitude is a mental issue!

        1. Kenneth Cox

          Sociology is not psychology. Exactly whst attitude are you proving as a mental issue?

    3. Jackie

      I have short hair and i am not gay i just had cancer… cutting moana hair is rather insulting and insinuating… But i am proud that shes standing up for herself! Shes a strong young lady!

  2. Darth Enquiring


    1. Melanie Durham

      ???? that’s cute!

    2. Rebel Orange Bird

      More pua less stupid chicken but the actor of hei hei though straight has played many a gay role on stage hes a great stage star and is kinda useless being disney go to etc dude! He personal is also more pua less stupid chicken too!

    3. Rebel Orange Bird

      My internet dropped so sorry if this post twice…. more pua less stupid chicken! Though in truth the actor of hei hei preformed many times as gay on stage though straight! Hes a great stage actor and is kinda useless as disney go to etc. Hes even more pua less stupid chicken club btw just so you know darth!

  3. Kay

    This should just be called TMZ or the Enquirer if ITM is just going to share about the sexual lives of those in Hollywood. Sheesh. Can’t we focus on other things for once? Is everyone so obsessed with sex that they think we all want to know this? If she wants the world to know her private life, that’s her business. Why is Inside The Magic making it my business too??? Seriously, not cool. I didn’t subscribe to read about who is sleeping with whoever. Really not my business.

    1. Matt

      I completely agree. The inside the magic should focus on park related topics. I feel that there are enough other sites covering this info. I feel that every lgbt story related to disney in some way always ends up on this site, and as a gay man, I am confused by their choice.

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