Comments for Confirmed: “DuckTales” Season 3 Introduces Show’s First Gay Couple

DuckTales Season 3 gay couple


  1. Kenneth Cox

    And it was great

  2. Mark

    This is appro bc its meant for older children i do not need it cartoons meant for younger heck i am gay but i do not need to force that on my kid! She has her own life to live!

  3. Agent 86

    How awesome!

  4. Michelle Anderson

    I guess Disney better put a warning at the beginning of the episode then if it’s going to be on Disney plus. There is free speech, but a parent shouldn’t be forced to answer questions when they don’t believe their child is ready or don’t want their child exposed due to religious beliefs. Disney’s rights shouldn’t infringe on others’ rights to choose and worship freely. I look up movies on IMDB to know what to expect, but with an episode in a series you wouldn’t know it was coming.

    1. Kenneth Cox

      Um…One thing you should learn then, Michelle. Free speech is only from government censorship. Disney is under no obligation to say “Hey, there happens to be a completely common and normal homosexual and a loving couple being good parents in this episode.”

      No one is infringing your right to worship..unless your church is a TV.

      1. Michelle Anderson

        Your comment doesn’t even make sense.

        1. Kenneth Cox

          Which part? The part where you comment about free speech but wanted to restrict Disney’s free speech even though the 1st Amendment is about government censor?

          The part where you think Disney showing something that is normal is infringing on your right to worship? So, would you apply the same to say…someone eating a ham sandwich being offensive to the right of a follower of Islam?

          1. Michelle Anderson

            I can see your point. An Islamist wouldn’t want to think they were eating a chicken sandwich only to find out it’s pork.

  5. Kenneth Cox

    Ok, so you are that backward thinking that something totally normal is offensive.

  6. Ella

    uhm this isn’t the first LGBTQ+ representation in Disney, theres “diary of a future president” or “The Owl House”

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