Comments for Woman Bursts Into Tears After Community Raises Funds for Her And Her Daughter to Visit Disney

Woman in Tears Disneyland Paris

Source: Bracknell News/Disney


  1. Darth Curious

    Was she crying because she got there and realized they were closed?

    I completely understand. I felt the same way after I went to my local Five Below.

    1. Harley

      Brilliant response i felt the same when i went to rise of resistance and was told w my das i needed to get virtual queue wait that then wait my das i was like so essentially you want us waiting all day???!!! And I found it all kinda unfair bc das as apose to what it was is a jk but some of us still need it… and yet i was cursed out by guest relations like i was a dumbass instead of being able to just get an answer to clarify my simple calm ? Sometimes you have to admire disney for their brute force!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        I got cursed out on batuu too they need to stop letting guest relation folks land on planet and just let the batuuans take care of it! Besides its insane to expect you to wait twice or even sign up for virtual queue when tech das is one! It is still wrong of both of you to make fun at a time like this!

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