Comments for Video: Walking Tour of Disneyland Resort One Month After Theme Park Closure

Closed Disneyland Video


  1. B

    Loved watching your walk around Disneyland. It’s so great that you have such wonderful memories of growing up in the shadow of Disneyland

    1. Connie

      That was awesome! Thank you for posting this. I will never get to Anaheim so it was nice to get a look at the area, a d your Grandma’s old house!

  2. KennyVee

    This video made me SO happy and SO sad at the same time.

    I mean, I’ve been wondering what it looks like around the resort lately. And from the time he said he was filming, it’s so STRANGE to see the sidewalks and roads so empty. And that AM/PM he shows near the beginning? Yeah, I’ve never seen it that empty either, even at 4am.

    And I like that he respected the space of Disneyland itself and other people he encountered on sidewalks. These are strange times, and he wasn’t that “vlogger to whom the rules don’t apply” kind of guy, or in “urban explorer” mode, but was actively aware of how we need to act in this unprecedented time. This was just very pleasant to watch.

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