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Carol Stein


  1. Harley

    I love her shes one of the disney legends of the park and its sad so many are being furlough but knowing she isnt being let go i know i will see her sooner than soon but for now i enjoy her sweet “from her living room” melodies! Thanks for sharing itm!

  2. Veronica Scanlon

    She is fabulous, never miss an opportunity to see her. I whis the CEOs would consider adding more live music to Magic Kingdom. Back in the 70s there was a fantastic brand in front of the Castle. My sons stood there starry-eyed watching them play. Walt certainly had his act together. Whoever is in charge now has missed many opportunities to bring live music to this park. Music is the universal language and is loved by everyone. Get rid of the canned stuff. The retreat has become one of my favorites in that park.

    1. Harley

      I agree i wish everything was live besides the shows at dak and vol at epcot nothing is live anymore and its a shame! Even some floats in parades were! Disney Mania which ran a long time in front a castle actually had there singers use hand mics so you knew they were singing! The only people in that show that didnt were the dancers. Oh the good old days…. i remember when i can in the assist dream along as a choreographer and i was like how are we going to this and sing (my first job is vocal coach so thats where my head went) they were like oh honey we haven’t sang in yrs!

  3. Good for her that she seems to not have a worry. Now tell us about those who will be in a living hell without a job. I.p.o

  4. Keirsten

    Ah, she used to play for us at Diamond Horseshoe back when I was in the show in the late 90s! Love you Carol! I’m not on social media, but sure can still hear you killing the keys in my head!!

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