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Disneyland Closed

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  1. Harley

    Glad i canceled that vacation though its sad first vacation to california but oh well… though i find it humorous hes going to wait for a vaccine what if it never happens or it takes a yr i am sorry i know right now staying home is best thing to do but eventually people are going to want out! People get sick all the time and death is part of life we should want to live our lifes to the fullest not be stuck in a bubble we didnt live in till now!

    1. Jen

      I totally agree! We aren’t living right now. I don’t want to spend months or years isolating waiting for a vaccine. Life is short. Anything can happen. I want to live life!

  2. Heather

    I agree. I wish they would allow guests and workers to sign a waiver. If we are willing to risk it then allow us to live our lives. I saved and made payments for a year for my trip and now I don’t know if it will ever happen. People will come if you open. We can’t live like this forever

  3. Steve

    We do miss Disney World a lot it is our church. Hope to see our friends at Disney soon.

  4. Heather

    We just canceled our trip for May 17th-23rd and moved it to the last week in July. Please open things up! This is getting out of hand. The economy needs to start the recovery process soon!

  5. Shannon

    We were supposed to be leaving for CA in two days with four days to be spend at Disney and another 3 days at Dodger games – it was our Christmas gift from my parents taking the whole family – hoping we get to go yet this year as the tickets we purchased to Disney expire at the end of this year – that could be $3000+ down the drain!

  6. Isis

    We have a trip scheduled for Aug to go to Disneyland. We’ve never been so were very excited a out our trip. I hope we can return to some normalcy & are able to still our Disneyland vacation. However, not willing to put my family in danger of getting sick. Time will tell & in the meantime I continue to pray fo bring an end to the virus & restore us back to good health & a Prosperous economy.

  7. Deb

    I love Disney my family love Disney we had our yearly visit planned for may, unfortunately we had to cancel which is sad but we will live to go another year, this isn’t just a common cold we have to do what we can to get over this and if that means another 6 weeks or 6 months of quarantine so be it

  8. Douglas

    If places like Disneyland don’t reopen soon, I think there’s going to be riots and protests of people over wanting to get out and live there lives instead of staying at home for weeks and months on end because of this. The economy needs to restart sooner or later or things are going to get way out of hand financially.

  9. MJKYLady

    We had vacay start 5/29. We moved it to end of August thinking it would give this enough time to figure things out. Now we’re going to re- think things. Entire trip was paid for… we’ve planned this for a year.

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