Comments for Bob Iger is Open to Sending More Movies Straight to Disney+

Bob Iger more movies straight to Disney Plus


  1. HM

    I think for the major “event” films and award-contender films, NO. But here’s how they could do it for SELECT TITLES: a limited 1-2 week theatrical release followed by going straight to Disney+, like how Netflix did it with “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story.” That could work and Disney+ SHOULD have done that with “Togo.”

  2. Alia

    We should definitely put it on Disney + especially now that we are staying home . I’m not sure if we will be able to go back to theaters until a real vaccine is developed and people have received it and it working . We need it for the parents and kids to be entertained .

    1. David M

      Yes, especially as the movie theatre is going to be going away; similar to the demise of the drive-in theatre.

    2. Please please put New Mutants on anything now I’ll pay just to rent it

  3. David Watson

    As an adult, I really don’t care much for Disney films. However, since they acquired Star Wars, Fox properties and Marvel properties, I have been watching most of those Disney films.

    With that said, if they decide to send the New Mutants straight to Disney+ or Hulu, I am not interested. I would rather wait until the New Mutants hit the dvd mediums and get it at the Local Library.

    My point is that films that were made for theatrical showings should be shown in the theaters. There is a big difference from a large screen in your house and a large screen in a movie theater with hundreds of others watching what you are watching.

    I get it. The corona virus has stymied the movie theater experience for now. But, may I remind you that it interferes with movie theater houses NOT drive-in movie theaters where people are in their own vehicles and protected from other movie-goers.

    The re-emergence of Drive-in movie theaters may be the solution for movie theater’s survival during the Corona virus outbreak and after, NOT every movie made has to go straight to a streaming service.

    1. Harley

      Issue is right now in lockdown where only things that are needed are open even drive ins are closed! But i will give you that if only many were in better neighborhoods to boot they always end up on the wrong side of town!

  4. I say put it on Disney plus instead of being on the big movie tether screen.

  5. Brian Harvey

    I just want them to open the vault as they had promised.
    I want all the episodes of THE MICKEY MIUSE CLUB, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR and the DISNEYLAND tv show
    Also on the subject of movies
    To me a few

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Totally minnie and dtv for us 80s kids!

    2. Veronica

      I want ALL of the campy movies from the 70’s and 80’s releases on Disney+. Those were the absolute BEST!

      Movies like The North Avenue Irregulars, and The Boatniks, to films like Ruthless People and Down and Out In Beverly Hills.

      As far as the MMC is concerned, please don’t put the newer ones on. The original is just fine, and they can also include the other shorts that were played in the program, although I’m really enjoying Spin and Marty, once again.

  6. Emily komaromi

    Some movies i think should be added are the 1994 Jungle Book and Model Behavior

  7. Sandra

    Mulan would be nice to see it on disney plus….since it was suppose to come out soon. Other than that they should release older movies to disney plus. I know my daughter really wants to see zombies 2 on disney plus.

    1. Charles

      They need to put Onward and Frozen 2 on the UK version. Along with so many other tv shows I grew up with that only have the new versions available to watch on there.

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