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Comments for AMC Theatres Ban Universal Movies Despite “Trolls World Tour” Breaking Records!

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  1. Jason K

    Extremely unfair

    1. Carmine Crincoli

      Indeed! Totally unfair!

  2. I really wish studios were legally required to release certain “blockbuster” flims to the movie theater first. I personally prefer going to the movie theater rather than watching from home. When one of my favorite movies frachises releases a new favorite movie of mine. I like to cosplay as my favorite character so I can connect and meet other fans who have the same interests as me. I personally don’t get enjoyment from watching a movie alone in my room, I like to watch with other fans. I also think movie theater are a much better quality than my TV at home. Movie theater screens are bigger,have better sound and can be in Movies can be cut off on a tv/computer screen and has poor sounding and that ruins the whole movie for me.

  3. Lee

    With AMC’s financial troubles, refusing to show any movies that will bring in viewers and make money for AMC is just plain stupid.

    1. Carmine Crincoli


  4. Bob Luedke

    AMC banning a movie studio is them helping to nail their own coffin closed. Stupid.

  5. Matt Brewster

    This decision is inconsistent, for Diz has released several recent movie directly to its Disney+ site. Why, then, isn’t AMC banning its films from its theaters, too?

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