Comments for Experts Suggest AMC Theatres Could Be Closing Permanently

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  1. Darth Doctor

    Okay, so here is the problem with like EVERYTHING…

    The debt collectors, all of them, need to be told to chill.

    How can they expect when the entire world is going on standstill and money isn’t moving around due to a global catastrophe that they should be the ones still getting theirs?

    Money and greed is going to get more people killed than needs to be. Close the stock market. Stop rating companies mindlessly (because, sure a closed company is bringing in ZERO income) and give all debt for everybody a true 90-day pause. Nobody owes anybody anything, nor will they accrue debt in those 90-days.

    If we could all forget about money as a thing, defeating this global crisis would be a lot easier. Then we’d only have to deal with the stupid people who don’t know enough to stop having gatherings.

    And also, I’d get to see Black Widow in the comfort of my local AMC theater, which is a REALLY nice theater.

    1. Matt

      I totally agree with you. It will be sad if amcs and other theaters do not make it through all of this

      1. Soade

        I agree with you as well. I love going to the theater especially to have s beer and a burger and watch a film. I think they should focus a little on their streaming service to help if it’s that bad. But I will be genuinely sad if I can’t go to my local amc. Also it’s the only thing keeping the mall afloat. And all the jobs that would be lost. It would be s real pity

      2. Arthur Morris

        I don’t want to see movies like black widow or Mulan on my TV set I want to see it on the big screen

        1. EricJ

          I don’t want to see Black Widow (aka “Natasha’s Sister-Bonding: Do You Want to Shoot an Iron Man?”), PERIOD–
          But, like the similarly unwanted Artemis Fowl, this one deserves to go to direct-streaming, if any of the MCU do. I might not have said that before Endgame, but that was then, and this is now.

      3. I love going to a big screen theater with surround sound and leg space that raises up.It is comfortable and special for me a senior citizen.Also Tuesdays at AMC are great because of bargain prices with membership(which also gives upgrades on popcorn.) The excitement of new movies with people bustling around creates static energy. I go to AMC in California and Florida.I have truly missed my movie experiences. If you have it people will come.

    2. Harley

      Right so many people need to just step back and take a deep breathe! Enjoy life as best as they could and know this too shall pass one day yes its bad right now but eventually the good has to outway the bad! I hope your doing ok darth and eventually get to see black widow in your theatre!

    3. Rebel Orange Bird

      I will go w you when the movies reopen?

      1. Joe

        I Hope it comes back I am retredI like going t 12movies amonth for 23.95

      2. Mark

        Sadly darth is i think taken or played a game w you the last time but i would happily go w you!

      3. Rebel Orange Bird

        Mark arent you gay?

      4. Jm

        I’m an amc employee and would hate to lose my job.

    4. Vin

      First off I agree 100% with what you’re saying. We need to hit the pause button and restart the economy and act as if nothing happened. The problem with this is really one thing: government. Our federal budget along with numerous state and local budgets are out of control. Unlike private businesses, the government won’t do what it needs to cut down on its budget. Layoffs, cutting pensions, cutting entitlements, etc. won’t happen. They “need” to hit their budget goals. I’m not trying to make a political statement here, but merely pointing out that what we need the government to do won’t happen because if you aggravate the base that depends on tax revenue you risk losing your power.

      1. Anne

        Booooo!! AMC is my favorite theater to go to. I’ve always wanted to try the Dine-In locations. Totally sucks if they do wind up folding. I have a ton of credits on my account & was planning to see Sonic amongst other movies coming out. In June, I wanted to go see Wonder Woman which supposed to have come out right on my birthday. Really hoping by that time, things will turn for the better as opposed to continuing to escalate.

    5. Yasmar Notlob

      Unfortunately is it not as simple as that. A 90 day pause will not solve anything, it will lead to the exact same thing happening on the 91st day. Except there will probably be more volatility as people rush to sell their stocks because they don;t know when the next ‘pause’ might come.

      Better to keep it open and take the hit in smaller chunks, than to have a period of uncertainty that might make things worse at the end.

    6. Gregory Smith

      Debt collectors have their own bills to pay, comrade. I’m a landlord, you think I can tell my homeowners association that until corona virus is over, I won’t pay their association fees? You think the State of Florida will forgive me if I stop paying my property taxes?

      As for the stock market, how else do you think companies raise money? It’s because they issue an IPO, i.e. “go public,” that they can raise millions, maybe billions of dollars. Far more than they could ever get from a bank.

      Besides, AMC sucks, they are overpriced, their drinks are overpriced, they have too many commercials before the movie, then all those damn trailers. They don’t always punish people talking loudly, and if it’s an old theater with cloth seats, those arm rests will be wet from the sweat of previous patrons.

      So if they go under, good! Maybe a real movie chain will buy them and fix them up.

      Besides, movie theaters are relics of the past, unless you’re into stupid 3D movies about boring action heroes. I like movies from the 80s and 90s, beautiful R-rated films like Robocop, Terminator, etc. All the crap they do now is PG-13. I’d rather watch The Walking Dead, A Handmaid’s Tale, South Park, etc. Movies aren’t what they used to be.

    7. Mandarinfox

      Absolutely agree with you. It’s not a failure of any company. We were ordered to go and stay at home. They were ordered to close. Stop the stock market-it’s a made up thing that can be restarted when we are all allowed to go outside, work and attend movies and theme parks and ball games!! Or shoot movies. Or even buy clothing. This is really insane.

  2. Donna

    Given the current state of things why not go back to a newer more modern version of the “drive-in theatres. Its forced social distancing and everyone is spread out. Just a thought!!

    1. Harley

      Many are still open down here in fl but they arent on the right side of town! Ps. I responded to darth above too and yet this is the 3rd thing i responded too wo it posting yet like i agree where i read itm will remove or not post normal convo or comments but cursing each other out for 100+ comments later could stay!?

      1. Darth Doctor

        I would really like ITM to address our concerns about non-insulting messages being removed.

        I wrote (I think) a thoughtful piece on the SOLO movie. It criticized nobody except the movie itself and what I see as an inconsistency in storytelling. I didn’t curse nor rant. And, boom, it’s deleted.

        I have seen messages that were insightful simply disappear.


        1. Laura

          it amazes me though that they keep comment after comment of people who can’t comprehend the english language and i have to struggle to decipher what this person (who i believe has multiple names they comment under) is saying.

      2. Mark

        Laura first off your comment is quite rude! Sorry to tell you this but this is a comment section on a disney fan site! It is NOT ELA class & all of us do not need to have a masters in english to comment! Besides we have lives and just want to comment quick so sorry you can not figure that out yet!

      3. Janie

        And for the people like you laura whom only seem to come on to comment how we can not use correct english is also annoying!

        1. Darth Doctor

          I, for one, agree with concerns for proper grammar.

          I also appreciate artistic license. Like the way Laura doesn’t capitalize the first word of her sentences, it’s almost poetic.


  3. I’d like to know where you got the actual statistics to tie streaming service rise = movie theater decline. Fact is, the content available for theaters to play has been poor this year.

    Ignoring that, will people be willing to go to theaters after this giant virus scare? Will there be movies available from distributors when the first theaters re-open?

    1. Bob

      I agree. The film’s offered the last year have been lackluster. In fact I look at realeases on steeaming and redbix one can’t find very much I want to see. Also, in Phoenix, we have Harkins and AMC. AMC pricing is insane compared to Harkins and Harkins offers better tech.

      1. Harley

        In fl too we have cinemark really nice theatres only the main theatres are big the side ones are small. Show lots of indie stuff so i feel like i am in ny again and lots of fathom events! They seem to even be priced differently for concession too depending on time of day!

      2. Mark

        I prefer cinemark too harley!

  4. AMC is owned by Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group. Just saying,

    1. Jeff

      so what. They employ people here in the states…

    2. HazMatt

      They are co-owned Silver Lake Partners, an American firm.

      1. B.J.

        The actual truth is that BOTH WANDA and SILVER LAKE own this theatre chain that was over-leveraged before this crisis

  5. Al

    Maybe after the storm we can lower the pipcorn to under 10 dollars and coke under 6. Consumers know it costs to much to go see a movie

    1. Laura

      that’s where theaters are making their money, not on ticket sales.

      1. MJthelookieloo

        Well, if that’s true then tickets should be free then, right.

        I’m thinking back to when Moviepass was getting really big and all they wanted was to get a little cooperation from the movie houses. Maybe if they had been open to some sort of deal they’d have someone to help offset the losses now. I have no love for Moviepass after all they did to their customers – we had two memberships, one for me and one for my son – and only got six months of use out of a prepaid annual membership. However, prior to MP we only went to the movies sporadically at best because I did not see the value in paying $30 for two tickets and then another $30+ on drinks and popcorn all while having to have strangers in my personal space, sometime being rude and distracting. With MP I essentially paid for our first movie per month and subsequent movies were “free” to me and then the hit on the super expensive and way overpriced food & drink was a little easier to let slide, though to be honest their premium prices still seemed like an insult. Since MP left it’s customers out in the cold, which in part was because the theaters wouldn’t share I can literally count on one hand (with a finger or two leftover) how many movies we have gone to a theater to see a movie and that last MP visit my friends was in August 2018. Due to their price gouging I’ve gotten back to enjoying my movies at home where no strangers can bother me, I can pause to use the restroom and I can enjoy reasonably priced takeout or homemade cuisine to boot. Granted, I only have a small screen compared to the theater and my surround sound with Dolby Atmos may not be as loud and enveloping as the theater but for my money, my time and enjoyment it is still spectacular.

        So to sum up, if the theaters do go belly up so be it. That’s just progress I guess. Perhaps if they weren’t so hard assed when MP was trying they might’ve been better off going into this menagerie that is covid-19. I will feel bad for the low level employees that would lose their jobs but no love will be list for the greedy people running these operations.

        And just to be clear, I have no relationship with MP or any of the entities that had control except as a consumer. But as a consumer and as lookie loo on the outside it seemed like a win-win-win situation to me but maybe that’s why I’m poor, no sense.

        1. Jen

          MJthelookieloo, I hear everything you are saying and had MP and now am A-List at AMC. AND I loved and would miss going to movies on the big screen, in the dark, with a live audience who respond to the film along with me. Are there sometimes rude or annoying people in the theater? ABSOLUTELY! But I put my cell phone away and focus on the film. Whereas, at home, I find there are many more distractions – phone ringing, incoming text messages, IMDB look-up, someone randomly knocking at my front door, bathroom breaks, etc. It just ruins my overall experience. Like I said, I hear you, but I just can’t get past the thought of never being able to sit in a cold, dark theater and shut out the world like I do in an AMC (or other chain) theater…

  6. Sue

    What will happen if a person has a gift card for AMC?

    1. Laura

      i try not to hang onto gift cards very long for anything. you simply never know when a company is going to go under, then boom, giftcards are wasted.

      1. Damien Robinson

        I feel the same way as you guys. These theaters need to begin to reopen. The movies is one of my favorite ways of entertainment, and now that may be gone. Do you guys believe they may reopen when these social distancing guidelines “supposedly”cease” on April 30th?

        1. Jen

          I hate to say it, but I think you may consider changing your mindset to “end of May.” Here in Los Angeles we are starting to hear that it will be longer than just the end of this month… :-/

  7. Sue


    I have gift cards too. Could AMC stream their movies too? I’ll use my gift cards to watch.

  8. Sue Rain


    I have gift cards too. Could AMC stream their movies too? I’ll use my gift cards to watch.

  9. Frank

    Let Hollywood buck up. They’ve been milking the movie theatres for decades on the share they receive of gross receipts. Without the movie theatres they have no revenue.

  10. Oneal

    With the world at a stand still and effecting those demanding money as well, why cant the demand of lmk ey be placed on a stand still till we get thur this, huh?
    People are at home for a reason.
    If the creditors dont take a back seat for awhile? pretty soon they won t have anyone to call to collect from.
    Theatres are an experience and u just get that extra thrill from them.
    Make sure these jerks dont take that away from us.

  11. Ilikemovies

    Bad company with heavy debt. With the success of their AList program, they have not done a thing to their debt but continue to pay what cashflow they have as dividend. Surely they will go into Chapter 11, worst case they go into chapter 7 and sell off some of their theaters for cheap. The theaters won’t close, only their creditors and stock holders will be affected.

  12. OhioMovies

    Bad company with heavy debt. With the success of their AList program, they have not done a thing to their debt but continue to pay what cashflow they have as dividend. Surely they will go into Chapter 11, worst case they go into chapter 7 and sell off some of their theaters for cheap. The theaters won’t close, only their creditors and stock holders will be affected.

  13. Tami

    People still have gift cards that they are going to want to use once the social ban is lifted.

  14. Mark

    As a consumer, I hate to be thinking of only my losses, but what about all the movie tickets I purchased for use at a later date. Do they they all become void, in the event of closures

  15. Kay M Leane

    I love AMC movie theaters
    I see a movie almost every week
    Sometimes, twice a week.
    Keep AMC open!!!

  16. Berchie

    In my area the AMC Theaters are higher priced for everything from tickets to snacks than other theaters that have better seating, better snacks and better food so almost everybody I know avoid the AMC and go to the other chains. I used to exclusively go to AMC about 15 years ago because at that point in time they were the better theater chain, now they are far from it and since I can save $20-30 taking my wife to a better theater I’m doing it.

  17. JP Smith

    Take one day at a time, but please don’t close the movie theaters. It nothing like watching the big screen movies with that thundering sound & lounging seats.

  18. Richard

    I love going out and watching a movie at the theater. I know times are changing with movies being streamed on tv now. It is nice watching big blockbuster movies on the .big screen.

  19. Carmine Crincoli


    This can’t be HAPPENING!!!

    I was looking forward to seeing so many big movies at an AMC movie theater like the My Hero Academia movies, Onward, A Quiet Place II, Jungle Cruise, and so many other great movies!

    Why would AMC Theatres be closing down?

  20. Rebel Orange Bird

    Darth doctor will you go out w me?

  21. BatuuBrat

    The problem with AMC, is they have too many MEGA multiplex (more than 10 screens) locations.
    My local AMC has 20 screens, to include an IMAX, Dolby, and two large main screens, and the remaining 16 are split on both sides of the complex.
    It also has a MacGuffins bar, and three concession stands, the two smaller ones of which are NEVER open.
    Sure it was great to have this many screens back when it opened in 97, but now? No way, especially when the mall it’s located in is sucking wind, has only one major anchor store, and half of the mall is devoid of tenants.
    The prices they charge are absolutely ridiculous, and it’s even worse at their dine-in theater locations. Plus, their food offerings aren’t that great, either.
    They should’ve also looked at locations where they were building new theaters, and realized that they made a mistake, because another local mall is undergoing a remodel, but has never had true heavy foot traffic, even on the weekends, because of the neighborhood.

  22. jamesbond

    the s @p need to STFU….the only thing that is costing people anything out there is food from the grocery store and a little gas there’s no reason why they should be in debt with anyone….cause amc is better than Cinemark besides they came out with the ORIGINAL reclining seats, all other theatres copied them and they’re seats don’t even recline as far as amcs and they have the cocoa cola freestyle machine others don’t and it’s a classic theatre I saw Titanic in with my parents when I was 9 years old EVERYONE SHOULD DONATE 1 TO 5 $….AS MANY PEOPLE THERE ARE IN AMERICA THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO GET THEM UP AND RUNNING AGAIN or if it’s not already being done franchise each location out to a buyer that has to follow amcs directions

  23. jamesbond

    You must live in Tulsa as well

  24. strix1

    If AMC closes, it will be no loss to me. Every time I go, the theater is empty, why waste the energy. Movie theaters are going the way of Video rental stores as well as VHS and now DVD’s. Bye AMC! Mop the floor before you close please.

  25. EricJ

    While the chain cineplexes are facing trouble, the local downtown-city independent/art theaters are starting a “rescue” mission with theater fans online, and it appears to be working.
    That is, fifth-decimal-place, EXACTLY what happened in the war between digital movies and “dying” Blu-ray disks, and why disks ultimately won: Small third-party Blu companies fostered loyal and sentimental cults online, while digital, like the cineplexes, thought it would “always” be around because it believed it was the mainstream choice, only to find the public either hated them or didn’t much care.
    The 10’s cineplex industry was dangerously overbuilt even before the shutdown, and was a 90’s boom on the verge of busting, and this disaster may be just exactly the pin that the balloon needed to trigger the bust.

  26. lefty

    I have invested alot of money in gift cards to AMC movie theaters. I enjoy going to see movies on the big screen. I hope the cards will not be wasted. I am talking hundreds of $s worth!!

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