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Disney's Discovery Island

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  1. Robert

    Went to Discovery Island with family in the 1970’s. Space Mountain had recently opened and we stayed at Contemporary. Remember birds in cages and it smelled awful. Not remembering much else about it. As a kid, I think I wanted to get back in the pool or go the park and didn’t have any interest. Parents must have made us go!

  2. Brian Cronkrite

    Discovery Island did NOT close on 4/8/98. It remained open for several months after Animal Kingdom opened. I visited the island in June of 1998.

    1. Suzy

      I wonder if the alligators have claimed this island or if Disney had problems with them in the past and that’s why it closed?

  3. Judy

    I took a photography class at the Disney Institute in 1997 and we went to Discovery Island to take photos. It was the perfect spot for flamingos, flora and fauna.

  4. connie

    Remember visiting in the early 1980’s with our two children. I thought it was very educational, lots of native animals and plants. Would be a great mini resort, something like the cabins at Wilderness Lodge.

  5. Janet Winslow

    We visited the island in 1994 and 1995 it used to be part of our length of stay pass that included River Country and Discovery Island. My sons enjoyed the.birds and the giant turtles. It was a fun two hour adventure.

  6. Ruth Bauer-Garcia

    I visited Discovery Island the summer of 1983 and have very fond memories.

  7. Dawn Braddock

    My family and I visited in 78 or 79, I was around 12 years old. At that time it was my favorite spot to visit. Naturally, I loved animals and observing them was a dream come true for me. I remember the emu’s or ostriches walking around on one pathway and trying to grab your bags or clothing, they snuck up right behind you. It was a very relaxing place to visit. I hope Disney cleans the place up even if they never open it up again.

  8. I remember
    the first boat with passengers arriving on Treasure Island. The tame Macaws were my birds and the Guests really loved taking pictures holding them. I was Long John Silver in several TV commercials. I liked working for WDW.

  9. Richard Vagner

    Dick Nunis was my boss when I worked on Treasure Island right after WDW opened.

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